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Treasure Shopping Mall Items Prices Adjustment on Mar. 1st

Date: 2023-03-01 00:00 Source: Official Views:
Greetings, heroes!
The prices of several items in Treasure Shopping Mall will be adjusted on Mar. 1st. Please check out the details below.
New Price
Rare Rune Optional Box
Open to choose one rare rune from Circle of Life (+1) (B)/Tempered Glaive (+1) (B)/Slow Pace (+1) (B)/Adamant (+1) (B)/Consolidation (+1) (B)/Front Break (+1) (B).
Long Term
Advanced Sigil Box 
Open to randomly get Sigils or Essences. The chances of getting advanced Sigils like Bloodline Sigils from it are higher.
Long Term
A Stone(+8)(B)
Long Term
Rare Inner Power Book Box
Open to select one from The Essence of Yang (A)/(B)/(C), Divine North Skill (A)/(B)/(C), Violet Glow (A)/(B)/(C), The Essence of Yin (A)/(B)/(C), Superb Manual (A)/(B)/(C) and Pure Yang Concept (A)/(B)/(C).
Long Term
Rare Rune Box
Open to choose one from 1 Solidness (+1) (B)/1 Enormous Crusher (+1) (B)/1 Nature Shield (+1) (B)/1 Violet Shield (+1) (B)/1 Whetted Blade (+1) (B)/1 Conqueror`s Blade (+1) (B).
Long Term
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