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Price Adjustment for some items in Treasure Shopping Mall on Feb. 1st

Date: 2023-01-31 18:41 Source: Official Views:
Greetings, heroes!
The prices of several items in Treasure Shopping Mall will be adjusted on Feb. 1st. Please check out the details below.
New Price
Nut Rune Box
Open to get 2000 Nut Rune Fragments (B). Note: Only Pirate class can use this type of fragment.
Long Term
Might (+1) (B)
Rare Yellow Rune. Passive: If the opponent has Deterrence rune, the chance of triggering your weapon`s passive skill will increase by 1%. (Next Level: 2%)
Long Term
Immense Zest Box
Open to get 10 Immense Zests (B).
Long Term
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