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Let's Write a Love Song Together - Enjoy the Qixi Event

Date: 2022-08-02 00:00 Source: Official Views:

Quest: Romantic Season
Duration: English: 01:00 August 2 - 08:59 August 22 (US) / 09:00 August 2 - 16:59 August 22 (EU)
Requirement: Level 80
Key NPC: Weaver Girl (Twin City 373,444)


1. Gather Star Energy, Let the Harp Shine

Please help Orphee repair Ethereal Harp and save his beloved.

Go to the four Starfields of Lyra and collect Phoenix Wood, Fairy Flowers, Whale Baleen and Mermaid Tear, and then use them to repair the harp.

If you carry enough Star Energy while defeating a rare Star Beast, you’ll receive a nice reward from the beast.

When you have completed repairing the harp, you may consume some materials to maintain it.

Both repairing and maintaining the harp will earn you abundant rewards.

2. The Beautiful Sound of Harp, Recalls Romantic Memories</p>

Use Holy Plectrums to play the newly repaired harp and win the exclusive performance rewards.

You can also use Memory Stones to check out the love story of Orphee and Eurydice, and then receive Orphee’s gifts.

3. Get Ranked on Love Rankings, Win Exclusive Lovely Wings

Win Love Points by repairing or maintaining the harp.

Collect at least 15000 Love Points to get ranked on the local rankings. The top heroes will receive luxurious rewards and even beautiful Qixi wings, romantic titles, etc.
Reward Details:



No. 1

Qixi wings [Love Sound (Heaven)] (Permanent), 1 P12 Anima, 1 Eternity Darksteel and 1 Starry Halo (120-day).

No. 2-3

Qixi wings [Love Sound (Heaven)] (365-day), 1 P11 Anima, 1 Millennia Darksteel and 1 Starry Halo (90-day)

No. 4-6

Qixi wings [Love Sound (Heaven)] (180-day), 1 P10 Anima, 1 Century Darksteel and 1 Starry Halo (60-day)

No. 7-10

Qixi wings [Love Sound (Heaven)] (90-day), 1 P9 Anima, 1 Decade Darksteel and 1 Starry Halo (30-day).

Note: Collect at least 20000 Love Points to get ranked on the global rankings.



No. 1

Qixi title [Apollo/Daphne], 1 Rare Yellow Rune Box (B), 30000 Potency Points

No. 2-3

Qixi title [Apollo/Daphne], 3 Rare Yellow Rune Packs (B), 20000 Potency Points

No. 4-6

2 Rare Yellow Rune Packs (B) and 15000 Potency Points

No. 7-10

1 Rare Yellow Rune Pack (B) and 10000 Potency Points

Note: Collect at least 20000 Love Points to get ranked on the regional rankings.

For more infomations, you can click here or click "Event Page" button in game.

Reward Display:

Love Vow (Eternal)

Love Sound(Heaven)

Golden Plume(Guardian)

  • Turkey Adventure Thanksgiving Celebration
  • Lost Valley
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Cross-Server Team PK Tournament
  • November Month Card
  • BeastFlute_EU Prestige Rank
  • Vassals Rise, Strife Follows
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma
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