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Summer Beach Adventure - Get Your New Summer Garment!

Date: 2022-07-05 00:00 Source: Official Views:

Event: Summer Beach Adventure
Duration: 01:00 July 5 - 08:59 July 18(US Server Time)
Requirement: Level 80 and above
Location: Ollie (Twin City 371,445)


1. Help Whale King & Pray to Win

Ollie has just found a mysterious Summer Beach during his adventure on the sea, but the beach has been invaded by Whalers, and even the Whale King is trapped! Summer Beach needs your help!

Complete the daily requests from the Whale King to earn Wish Conchs.

Use Wish Conchs to pray to the Whale King, and you may win Whale Spirits, Ambergris, 5-star Holy Whale (Wave) and more luxurious rewards!

2. Challenge Whale Waters & Cool Waterfall

Those dead Whalers have turned into Ghosts. Defeat them to win up to 20 Wish Conchs a day.

There is a Sea Titan dominating each of the three areas of Whale Seas, and every area has got a Whale Vortex. Stopping a Vortex may disturb the Sea Titan of that area. Defeat it to win a random amount of Wish Conchs!

You can also consume Conch Keys to enter Cool Waterfall and start challenging from the 1st floor. There are 9 floors in total, and you’ll receive some Wish Conchs by passing every floor.
(Note: Get Conch Keys by signing in, using Chi Tokens, hunting monsters on Dragon Island, etc.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3. Ambergris Transformation & Whale King Summoning

Use Wish Conchs to pray to the Whale King to get Ambergris, with a chance to get Whale Spirits!
Collect enough Ambergris to transform into a 5-star garment, Silver Bubble (Sunny), or a 7-day Weapon Accessory, Cool Surfboard!

Whale Spirits are the broken souls of the ancient whale. Collecting enough Whale Spirits allows you to summon a 5-star Mount Armor, Whale King (Holy)!

4. Get Ranked on Whale Favor Rankings!

Praying to Whale King may also win you Whale Favor Points. You’ll be ranked according to the Favor Points you earned(at least 20,000 Points). The top heroes will receive advanced Animae, tons of Potency Points and some more precious rewards.

Detailed Rewards:



Global No. 1

1 P12 Anima, 30000 Potency Points & 1 Eternity Darksteel

Global No. 2-3

1 P11 Anima, 20000 Potency Points & 1 Millennia Darksteel

Global No. 4-6

1 P10 Anima, 15000 Potency Points & 1 Century Darksteel

Global No. 7-10

1 P9 Anima, 10000 Potency Points & 1 Decade Darksteel

Local No. 1

1 L5 Mythsoul Pack & 3000 Universal Rune Essences (B)

Local No. 2-3

2 L4 Mythsoul Packs & 2000 Universal Rune Essences (B)

Local No. 4-6

1 L4 Mythsoul Pack & 1500 Universal Rune Essences (B)

Local No. 7-10

3 L3 Mythsoul Packs & 1000 Universal Rune Essences (B)

Note: You need to get at least 20,000 Points to be ranked in top 10 and get the corresponding rewards.

Reward Display: 


5-star Garment: Silver Bubble (Sunny)

3-star Garment: Silver Bubble

5-star Mount Armor: Whale King (Holy)

Weapon Accessory: Cool Surfboard

View event page by clicking "Page Center" > "Event Page" in game.

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