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Dragonland Adventure - Happy Children's Day!

Date: 2022-05-31 00:00 Source: Official Views:

Event: Dragonland Adventure
Duration: 01:00, May 31, 2022 - 08:59, June 13, 2022(US)/09:00, May 31, 2022 - 16:59, June 13, 2022(EU)
Requirement: Level 80+
Location: Lowney (Twin City 371,445)


1. Adventure in Dragonland and feed Dragon King with Sweet Vanilla.

   You can get Wonder Dices via using Chi Tokens and Outstanding Exploit Packs, and hunting monsters, then go to Dragonland to have an adventure. After completing Exciting Episodes, you can not only get Sweet Vanilla, but also challenge Dragon King to win toys and snacks!

Feed Sweet Vanilla to Dragon King for a chance to get treasures like Round Dragon Rocks, advanced +Stones (B), and Dragon Chi Liquors. Besides, you can get stage rewards for feeding a certain amount of Sweet Vanilla.

2. Challenge Dragon Tower to upgrade Dragon Whelps.

   There is a monster on each floor of Dragon Tower. You will get Round Dragon Rocks after defeating the monster within 3 minutes.

Round Dragon Rocks can be used to summon 1 3-star Dragon Whelp (B) or upgrade the whelp to 5-star Hungry Dragon (Abyss) (B).

3. Unmask Wolf Granny to protect Cub Utopia.

Wolf Granny disguises as a statue in the hope of eating cubs. Each minute, Wolf Granny will accumulate 1 Action Point. Tasty Turkey Legs can be used to increase Action Points in order to unmask Wolf Granny. When the Action Points reach 100, Wolf Granny will get its claws out every 10 minutes.
Wonder Dices will be rewarded to heroes who participate in defeating Wolf Granny and get listed on Wolf Granny Damage Rankings.

4. Feed Dragon King to win points and rewards.

Feed Sweet Vanilla to Dragon King to get Feeding Points. Heroes with lots of Feeding Points can get listed on Dragonland Adventure Rankings and win 5-star Hungry Dragon (Glow), advanced Animae, Universal Rune Essences (B) and so on!




No.1 on Global Dragonland Adventure Rankings

1 P12 Anima, 1 Eternity Darksteel, 1 permanent Hungry Dragon (Glow)

No.2-3 on Global Dragonland Adventure Rankings

1 P11 Anima, 1 Millennia Darksteel, 1 permanent Hungry Dragon (Glow) (B)

No.4-6 on Global Dragonland Adventure Rankings

1 P10 Anima, 1 Century Darksteel, 1 365-day Hungry Dragon (Glow) (B)

No.7-10 on Global Dragonland Adventure Rankings

1 P9 Anima, 1 Decade Darksteel, 1 180-day Hungry Dragon (Glow) (B)

No.1 on Local Dragonland Adventure Rankings

 1 L3 Mythsoul Pack, 1500 Universal Rune Essences (B)

No.2-3 on Local Dragonland Adventure Rankings

5 L2 Mythsoul Packs, 1200 Universal Rune Essences (B)

No.4-6 on Local Dragonland Adventure Rankings

2 L2 Mythsoul Packs, 800 Universal Rune Essences (B)

No.7-10 on Local Dragonland Adventure Rankings

1 L2 Mythsoul Pack, 600 Universal Rune Essences (B)

Reward Display:

5-star Permanent Block Sword (Dazzle)

5-star Permanent Hungry Dragon (Glow)

5-star Permanent Dragon Whelp (Abyss) (B)

4-star Permanent Dragon Whelp (Frost) (B)

>4-star Permanent Dragon Whelp (Flame) (B)

3-star Permanent Dragon Whelp (B)

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