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Reservation for New Server SkyVeil: Double Reservation Rewards for Anniversary Server!

Date: 2022-05-19 00:00 Source: Official Views:

Note: One account can only make one reservation.

Step 1: 00:00 May. 19th, 2022 to 23:59 May. 23rd, 2022 US Server Time

Login to the event page to reserve for gift pack.

Step 2: 00:00 May. 24th, 2022 to 23:59 Jun. 06th, 2022 US Server Time

1) Create a character in the new server;

2) Login to the event page to claim the gift pack;

3) Receive your gift pack from your in-game mailbox.

The more players make the reservation, the more gift packs you will get, check out the details below.

Total Reservation reaches 2,000:

Gift Pack


Elite Reservation Chest

+3 Stone (B) * 2

Meteor Scroll (B) * 10

Total Reservation reaches 5,000:

Gift Pack


Super Reservation Chest

EXP Ball (B) * 20

600 CPs (B)

Total Reservation reaches 10,000:

Gift Pack


Luxury Reservation Chest

DB Scroll (B) * 2

2000 Chi Points (B)

Total Reservation reaches 20,000:

Gift Pack

Content (Free)

Content (Pay 49 CPs to Upgrade the Rewards)

Server Reservation Box

300 CPs (B)

900 CPs (B)

1 (7-day) Lunar Angelic Robe (B)

1 (30-day) Lunar Angelic Robe (B)

1 (7-day) Holy Whale (Celestial) (B)

1 (30-day) Holy Whale (Celestial) (B)

3-day Destined Love wings (B)

1 (15-day) Destined Love wings (B)

2 +3 Stones (B)

6 +3 Stones (B)

10 EXP Ball (B)

50 EXP Ball (B)

10 Meteor Scrolls (B)

50 Meteor Scrolls (B)

5 Dragon Balls (B)

15 Dragon Balls (B)

For more information, you can click here.
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