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2022 Anniversary Wealthy Monopoly - Free Chance to Win Treasures

Date: 2022-05-10 00:00 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes! Anniversary Wealthy Monopoly Event brings an opportunity for you to win treasures like +8 Stone(B), Splendid Star Stone, even 1000 Universal Rune Essences. Take a chance and win your dream items!


Conquer Online


Anniversary Wealthy Monopoly


May 10th - May 30th


Prize Pool
+Stones (B): +8 Stones (B), +7 Stones (B), +6 Stones (B), etc.
Universal Rune Essences: 1000 Universal Rune Essences, 500 Universal Rune Essences, 250 Universal Rune Essences, etc.
Star Stones: 3 Splendid Star Stones, 40 Radiant Star Stones, etc.
Chi Points: 3000 Chi Points, 1000 Chi Points, etc.
Potency Points: 6000 Potency Points, 3000 Potency Points, etc.
Tons of Dragon Balls, Meteor Scrolls, etc.


All Servers


No limit

Reward Claiming Times

No limit



Key Item

Monopoly Blessed Star

Brief Walkthrough

  1. During the event, collect Blessed Stars by using Chi Tokens, joining in the Qualifier or just purchasing them.
  2. Use Blessed Stars for the lucky pick in Wealthy Monopoly to win abundant rewards.

Detailed Walkthrough

The anniversary spree brings you a chance to be a wealthy monopoly! You can use Chi Tokens to get 2 Blessed Stars each day or join in the Qualifier to win 10 Blessed Stars a day. You may also pay some CPs to purchase some.
(Join in the Qualifier to win Blessed Stars)
(Use Chi Tokens to win Blessed Stars)

When you have enough Blessed Stars, click `Event` on the top right of the interface to participate in Wealthy Monopoly for the lucky pick.
(Try your luck here)

You decided to use all the Blessed Stars to try your luck, and you received a large number of rewards!
Lucky you! The super prize just fell into your inventory! That’s a precious +8 Stone (B)!
(1 +8 Stone (B) falls into your inventory)

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