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The Anniversary Super Hero Event Starts on May 10th

Date: 2022-05-09 17:46 Source: Official Views:
Attention, heroes!
The Anniversary Super Hero event will be from May 10th to Jun. 9th, you can complete tasks to win rewards including Class Awakening Packs, 3-star garment and new Mythsoul Pack! Please check out the details below. 
3-star Garments for Superior Token:
You can choose one of garments from Ruby Aroma (B)/Fragrant Lotus (B)/Lunar Sheen (B)/EveningWear (B)/Flowing Cloud (B) when you unlock the Superior Token and reach Level 50. 
Deluxe Mythsoul Box for Luxurious Token:
Open to get 1 L4 New Mythsoul Pack, which can be opened to randomly get one L4 Mythsoul from Hawkeye/Edge/Sweep/Meditation. Expires on June 9. You can get the pack when you unlock the Deluxe Token and reach Level 50.
Duration: May 10th to Jun. 9th
1. Click the Universe Elements button to enter Super Hero interface. Complete tasks to win points and rewards. The points can be used to exchange for nice rewards in Point Store.
You can pay CPs to activate tokens for better rewards, there are Superior Token and Luxurious Token available.
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