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Transform & Fight: New Guild War is Coming!

Date: 2022-05-03 00:00 Source: Official Views:

Quest: Transform & Fight

Duration: May 03rd- May 28th (19:00-20:00 Thursdays)

Requirement: 2nd Rebirt

Server: All servers, rank rewards are not available in server Chimera.

Key NPC: Sun Shuai (Twin City 371, 435)

Detailed Walkthrough:

1. Find Siege Commander Sun Shuai to learn about the war rules or check out the Matches and Rankings! He will send you to the Preparation Zone.

You may claim your prize from Sun Shuai after the competition.


2. In the Preparation Zone, talk to Siege Officer Monroe to learn about the detailed rules, and then go to the Transformation interface to get transformed and enter the Training Zone for monster hunting. She can also send you to the arena.


What’s more, you can understand the rules better by checking out the illustration.


3. Before the competition, warm yourself up in the Training Zone and get the Clear Potions, which can clear the cooldown time of your transformation.


The transformation makes this war quite different from the previous ones, so you can have more fun battling.

You can open the map and use the Teleport Amulet to select a random Pillar to enter the arena.


Tips: Only the top one Guild of the local Guild War is qualified to join in Transform & Fight!

Reward Display:



No. 1

4000 CPs, 2 Rare Yellow Rune Boxes, 5 P8 Animae, 5 100KK Contribution Medals, 1000 Universal Rune Essences, 5 +5 Stones

No. 2

3000 CPs, 2 Rare Yellow Rune Packs, 4 P8 Animae, 4 100KK Contribution Medals, 900 Universal Rune Essences and 5 +5 Stones

No. 3

4000 CPs, 1 Rare Yellow Rune Pack, 4 P8 Animae, 4 100KK Contribution Medals, 800 Universal Rune Essences and 4 +5 Stones

No. 4

2500 CPs, 1 Rare Yellow Rune Pack, 3 P8 Animae, 3 100KK Contribution Medals, 700 Universal Rune Essences and 3 +5 Stones

No. 5

1500 CPs, 1 Rare Yellow Rune Pack, 1 P8 Animae, 2 100KK Contribution Medals, 600 Universal Rune Essences and 2 +5 Stones

  • SkyVeil Reservation
  • Conquer Dashing Forward
  • Anniversary Wealthy Monopoly
  • Anniversary Super Hero
  • Overlord Championship
  • Always With CO Always With You
  • Transform & Fight
  • Anniversary Box
  • Anniversary Credit Rebate
  • 19 Years of Conquer
  • April Month Card
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Soaring Archers
  • Reset First-Credit Gift
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • Super Conquer Mall
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