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Purchase Treasures at Favorable Prices from Dec. 7th to Jan. 3rd in Winter Grand Sale

Date: 2021-12-06 19:36 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes!

The Winter Grand Sale will be from Dec. 7th, 2021 to Jan. 3rd, 2022, you can purchase various treasures at favorable prices. The prices of Archer Triggers will be lowered this time, please go to NPC Treasure Merchant at Twin City (334,393) for more information.

Item Price (CP)
Gold Trigger 5
Kylin Trigger 20
Dragon Trigger 60
Saint Trigger 180
Note: The Triggers can not be traded.
  • Version: Taoist Universe
  • Dynasty Server
  • CS Elite PK Tournaments
  • Spring Festival Credit Rabate
  • Taoists Privilege Month
  • Dominating Taoists Super Hero
  • Tao Spirit Training
  • Divine Contest
  • Razer Gold Credit Rebate
  • January Grand Sale
  • Surprising Investment
  • Prestige Rank
  • New Server Mythforging
  • New Server HoverFeather_EU
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Soaring Archers
  • Reset First-Credit Gift
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • Super Conquer Mall
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