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Global Thanksgiving Event-Enjoy Your Delicacy Tour

Date: 2021-11-23 00:00 Source: Official Views:


Conquer Online


Global Thanksgiving Event


Nov. 23rd, 2021 - Dec. 6th, 2021


Reward for World Rankings




1 permanent Ocean Roamer [Froth], 1 P12 Anima and 1 Eternity Darksteel


1 permanent Ocean Roamer [Froth] (B), 1 P11 Anima and 1 Millennia Darksteel


1 365-day Ocean Roamer [Froth] (B), 1 P10 Anima and 1 Century Darksteel


1 180-day Ocean Roamer [Froth] (B), 1 P9 Anima and 1 Decade Darksteel

Reward for Local Rankings




1 L3 Mythsoul Pack and 1500 Universal Rune Essences (B)


5 L2 Mythsoul Packs and 1200 Universal Rune Essences (B)


2 L2 Mythsoul Packs and 800 Universal Rune Essences (B)


1 L2 Mythsoul Pack and 600 Universal Rune Essences (B)


Garment Show

Title Show

Available Server

All Servers


Level 80

Reward Claiming Chance



Twin City

Key Item

Name: Delicacy Dice
Description: You can get it from daily quests, Sky Garden (CS), or Chiyo. Use to join in the challenge in Delicacy World. Expires at 07:59, Dec. 6th(US Server Time).

Name: Delicacy Coin
Description: Get it from the random episodes in Delicacy World. It can be used for lottery or exchanged for rewards. Expires at 07:59, Dec. 6th(US Server Time).

Name: Glimmer Grass
Description: Get it from Cave Beach and use to fish.

Name: Super Fertilizer
Description: Defeat the boss in Vegetable Sky to get it, ans use it to accelerate the ripening of vegetables.

(Function, Name, Location)

Name: Lawrence
Location: [Twin City] (373,446)
Function: quest guidance

Name: Suna
Location: [Twin City] (380,446) 
Function: reward claiming

Name: Delicacy Knight
Location: [Waterfall Orchard] (180,143)
Function: quest guidance

Brief Walkthrough

  1. During the event, you can learn about more details of the event and claim Delicacy Dices from Lawrence [Twin City {373,446)]. He will send you to Delicacy World or Waterfall Orchard.
  2. You will encounter different episodes in Delicacy World. Pass the episodes to get Delicacy Coins and dishes.
  3. Collect 5 basic dishes of each cooking genre to summon corresponding lord, and defeat the lord to win the advanced dish.
  4. During the event, Kojiro [Waterfall Orchard (180,143)] can send you to Sky Garden (CS) to pay respects to Gourmet God.
  5. During the event, find Suna [Twin City {380,446)] to use Delicacy Coins to draw. You can also view Delicacy Coin Rankings and claim the ranking reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

What a heartwarming festival the Thanksgiving is! A grand Thanksgiving Feast is underway in Twin City. Come to join in the feast and show our gratitude for foods!

Lawrence [Twin City {373,446)] gives you 1 Delicacy Dice, so you can embark on the adventure in Delicacy World.
You roll the dice and get a four! You move forward 4 steps and enter Blaze Inferno.

In Blaze Inferno, you are provoked by members of Wicked Cuisine Association, so you compete with them on heat control. None of them are your rivals. Therefore, after defeating Wicked President, you become the best heat controller in Delicacy World!

On Cave Beach, you use Glimmer Grasses to catch lots of fishes!

On Balon Islands, you get to know Komatsu and get many great drinks.

Next, you come to Central Market and meet Chiyo. You buy lots of Delicacy Dices at a very low price here!

Along the way, you have earned many rewards as well as lost some Delicacy Coins.

After you collect all basic dishes, Delicacy Lords appear! You strive to defeat them and finally obtain the advanced dishes!

In Waterfall Orchard, you earn many Delicacy Dices by knocking down Lime Goldfish. Then mysterious Kojiro helps you to go to Sky Garden (CS).

In Sky Garden (CS), heroes from all over the world are worshiping the statue of Gourmet God. Your gratitude elicits the pet of Gourmet God, so you guys join hands to defeat the pet to win rewards!
This adventure is coming to an end. You take your Delicacy Coins to find Suna [Twin City {380,446)] and make wishes. Wow! You are the No.1 on Delicacy Coin Rankings!

A real gourmet can not only taste the full flavour of food, but also feel the happiness brought by food. You are a real gourmet!

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