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Mythic Tower - Uncover the Secret in Mythic Tower from Oct. 19th

Date: 2021-10-19 00:00 Source: Official Views:


Conquer Online


Mythic Tower


Oct. 19th, 2021 - Nov. 2nd, 2021


Name: Winged Lynx (Phantom)
Description: Turn into a phantom of the night!

Name: Anubis Miracle
Description: Spirit of Anubis lives forever!

Name: Holy Light (Eternal)
Description: The will of  gods travels across the time.

Name: No.1 World Mythic Box
Description: Open to get 1 permanent 5-star Mount Armor Winged Lynx (Phantom), 600 Universal Rune Essences (B), 1 +6 Stone (B) and 1 P9 Anima.

Name: No.2-3 World Mythic Box
Description: Open to get 1 240-day 5-star Mount Armor Winged Lynx (Phantom) (B), 600 Universal Rune Essences (B), 1 +6 Stone (B) and 1 P8 Anima.


Name: No.4-6 World Mythic Box
Description: Open to get 1 180-day 5-star Mount Armor Winged Lynx (Phantom) (B), 500 Universal Rune Essences (B), 1 +6 Stone (B) and 1 P7 Anima.

Name: No.7-10 World Mythic Box
Description: Open to get 1 90-day 5-star Mount Armor Winged Lynx (Phantom) (B), 500 Universal Rune Essences (B), 1 +6 Stone (B) and 1 P6 Anima.

Available Server

All Servers, but the rank is not available in server Chimera.


Level 80

Reward Claiming Chance


Quest Location

Twin City, Mythic Tower

Key Item

Name: Mythic Tower Invitation
Description: Mythic Tower has appeared. Anubis is expecting you there.

Name: Tower Challenge Ticket
Description: Use the ticket to enter Mythic Tower once.

Name: Divine Core
Description: Collect Divine Cores to accumulate Divine Points. 10 Divine Cores can be swapped for 1 Divine Providence Pack.

Name: Anubis Miracle Fragment
Description: Collect 100 fragments to combine into 1 Anubis Miracle.

(Function, Name, Location)

Name: Horus
Location: [Twin City] (369,435)
Function: Quest guidance and reward claiming.

Name: Tower Keeper
Location: [Mythic Tower]
Function: Quest guidance

Name: Matt
Location: [Twin City] (372,435)
Function: Shopping Mall

Brief Walkthrough

  1. You learned about Anubis' background from Horus, and then used the Tower Challenge Ticket to challenge the Mythic Tower.
  2. Defeat monsters in the tower to get Divine Cores and rewards before unlocking the next level.
  3. There are 8 floors in Mythic Tower. You can get additional packs for challenging Floor 8 for the first 3 times every day.
  4. Challenge Mythic Tower for several times to get abundant stage rewards.
  5. Use Divine Cores to increase Divine Points and compete on Divine Point Rankings to win rewards.

Detailed Walkthrough

The story of Anubis always circulates in the world of Conquer. It is said that he has formidable power. If you can get his power, you will be blessed by him. But Anubis has disappeared for many years. Go to that Mythic Tower to seek for his trace.

Horus told that you have to pass 8 floors of Mythic Tower to win Anubis’ recognition.

You entered the tower without any hesitation and strove to defeat all monsters.

Finally, you came to the 8th floor, and met legendary Anubis. You tried your best to defeat him.

You felt exhausted, so Tower Keeper sent you back to Twin City.

You took Divine Cores to meet Horus and informed him of your winning. Horus was shocked and gave you many Divine Cores and rewards.

The experience in Mythic Tower is like a dream. But after defeating Anubis, you are the No.1 on Divine Point Rankings and the new legend in Conquer.

Maybe someday your legend will replace the one of Anubis to circulate in the world of Conquer.

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