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Forged in Myth: Collect Your Mythforged Gear to Complete a New Journey

Date: 2021-10-12 11:49 Source: Official Views:

Whats Mythforging?

Brand new Mythsoul effects for rebirth gear! The existing 5 bonus attributes will be retained, and several new bonus attributes will be added.
Add Mythsouls to gear to unlock corresponding Mythsoul effects.
Collect Mythsouls and put them in Mythsoul Bag to bring additional Mythsoul attributes to your character.

Mythsoul Identification

You'll have a chance to get unidentified Mythforged gears through monster/boss hunting. Right click and pay 50000 Silver to identify a gear.


If it succeeds, your gear will receive a random Mythforged effect.

How to open the interface?

Click the button Forge in the lower right corner and select the Gear Mythforging interface.

Adding Mythsoul

Select gear for Mythforging from the item inventory and the Mythsoul you want to use, then click the button Combine.
View the effect as shown below after successful Gear Mythforging.

Extracting Mythsoul

Select gear for extracting Mythsoul from the item inventory and click the button Extract.If the extraction fails, you will get a random number of Mythsoul Scraps. 10 Mythsoul Scraps can be combined into 1 L1 Mythsoul Pack.

Enhancing Mythsoul

Select Mythforged Gear or Mythsoul to be enhanced from the item inventory, then click the button Enhance.
View the Mythsoul level and effect as shown below after successful enhancement.
Mythsoul Energy will increase when you enhance Mythsoul. With Mythsoul Energy, you can get the Mythsoul effect of next level.

Mythsoul Level

Providing Mythsoul Energy











View Mythsoul Effect

Open the character interface and click the button Mythsoul in the lower left corner to view the overall Mythsoul effect of your character. See detailed Mythsoul effect here:

Collecting Mythsoul

Click the item interface in the lower left corner, then enter the rune interface and click Mythsoul Bag to view the Mythsoul collection progress.
Collect different Mythsouls to add corresponding bonus attributes to the character. The higher the level of Mythsoul, the better the attributes.
View details here.
In the inventory, right click Mythsoul to put it into Mythsoul Bag. Put just one of the Mythsouls of the same type and same part into Mythsoul Bag.

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