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Love on Qixi - We Fight For Love!

Date: 2021-08-10 00:00 Source: Official Views:


Conquer Online


Love on Qixi


Aug. 10th - Aug. 23rd


World Love Point Rankings




A pair of permanent Qixi wings, [Shimmering Star (Brilliant)], 1 P12 Anima and 30000 Potency Points

2 - 3

A pair of 365-day Qixi wings, [Shimmering Star (Brilliant)], 1 P11 Anima and 20000 Potency Points

4 - 6

A pair of 180-day Qixi wings, [Shimmering Star (Brilliant)], 1 P10 Anima and 15000 Potency Points

7 - 10

A pair of 90-day Qixi wings, [Shimmering Star (Brilliant)], 1 P9 Anima and 10000 Potency Points

Global Love Point Rankings




1 exclusive Qixi title, [Lyra Melody] or [Aquila Song], 1 Rare Yellow Rune Box (B) and 30000 Potency Points

2 - 3

1 exclusive Qixi title, [Lyra Melody] or [Aquila Song], 1 Rare Yellow Rune Pack (B) and 20000 Potency Points

4 - 6

1000 Universal Rune Essences (B) and 15000 Potency Points

7 - 10

750 Universal Rune Essences (B) and 10000 Potency Points.

Local Love Point Rankings




1 exclusive Qixi title, [Promise of Sky] or [Love of Sky], 1 P10 Anima and 1000 Universal Rune Essence

2 - 3

1 exclusive Qixi title, [Promise of Sky] or [Love of Sky], 1 P9 Anima and 800 Universal Rune Essence

4 - 6

1 P8 Anima and 600 Universal Rune Essence

7 - 10

1 P7 Anima and 300 Universal Rune Essence

Limpid Milky Dream
A boat laden with sweet dreams weighs down the milky way.

Milky Dream
Dance under the star studded sky like no one’s watching.

Gilding Moon
The moon blooms in the night’s arms.

Shimmering Star
Qixi Exclusive Wings

Garments/Mount Armor/Wings

Limpid Milky Dream    

Milky Dream

  Gilding Moon

Shimmering Star (Brilliant)          Shimmering Star


All servers, The rank is not available in server Chimera.


Level 80

Reward Claiming Times

No limit


Twin City

Key Items

Love Star
Submit Love Stars to the Star Soul Device to gain Love Points and join in the lucky draw before 8:59, Aug. 23.

Star Key
Submit 1 Star Soul to the Star Soul Device to get 1 Star Key, which can be used to unlock the Qixi Exclusive Quest before 8:59, Aug. 23.

Pure Star Spirit
Kill Spirit Tiger on Lyra to get it. Use it to get 2 Love Stars before 16:59 (EU Server) or 8:59 (US Server), Aug. 23rd. It’s not allowed to be used on the cross-server.

Star Soul Zero - IX
Submit them to Star Soul Device to gain plenty of Love Stars.


Cowherd (Twin City 377,445), (Furnace Market 286,211)

Weaver Girl (Lyra 279,276)

Star Soul Device (Perfect) (Aquila 279,246)

Star Soul Device (Match) (Aquila 272,255)

Star Soul Device (Glow) (Aquila 269,233)

Star Tunnel (Aquila 267,243)

Brief Walkthrough

1. Talk to the Cowherd in Twin City(377,445) to learn about the details of the event, take the quest and enter Aquila.
2. Kill the Dusty Star Souls on Aquila and submit the Star Souls to the Star Soul Device to gain Love Stars and Star Keys.
3. Use Star Keys to challenge the Qixi Exclusive Quest, complete daily quests and make wishes to gain Love Stars.
4. Go to Lyra and defeat escaped Spirit Tigers, comfort Mad Star Spirits and collect Pure Star Spirits to gain Love Stars.
5. Consume Love Stars to join in the Star Seal Breaking (All servers), Star Seal Breaking (Solo) and spin the Star Wheel to collect Love Points and get ranked.

Detailed Walkthrough

Qixi is around the corner, and that will be the annual meeting of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. However, the Magpie Bridge lighted up by Star Souls had become dull overnight. The Cowherd was so worried, and that’s why he’s in Twin City, looking for some help.

You decided to help the poor couple. Following the Cowherd’s guidance, you arrived on Aquila and saw the Star Soul Device. You’ve learned that only by submitting the fallen Star Souls to the device can they be purified and able to light up the Magpie Bridge again.

You looked around, and finally, you saw a fallen Star Soul, but a mad one. You had no choice but to defeat and recycle it.
You worked very hard and managed to collect all the Star Souls and submit them to the Star Soul Device. The Cowherd was so grateful that he sent you lots of Love Stars and Star Keys.

While the Cowherd was trying to light up the Magpie Bridge, the Weaver Girl on Lyra was also making her best efforts. You went to Lyra and wanted to give her a hand.
It was really a mess on Lyra. The Weaver Girl asked you to find the escaped Spirit Tigers and comfort them, so you might be able to collect the Pure Star Spirits.

You collected plenty of Pure Star Spirits, so the Weaver Girl gave you some Love Stars in return.

Thanks to your help, the Magpie Bridge has got its light back. The couple can finally meet each other on Qixi.
You heard that the Qixi Exclusive Quest was fun. You brought the Star Keys with you to take the challenge and won quite a lot of Love Stars.

The lucky draw might be the most exciting part. You used some Love Stars and joined in the Star Seal Breaking. Voila! You’re the luckiest one!

You tried the Solo Star Seal Breaking, challenged all the floors and won the final prize!

You were also lucky enough to win numerous rewards in Star Wheel spinning!

You gained tons of Love Points in the lucky draw and became the top 1 hero on the global rankings! No pain, no gain. The greater the effort, the sweeter the reward!

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