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Soaring Archers FAQ

Date: 2021-08-03 00:00 Source: Official Views:
Q: What is the level requirement for Archers to unlock the War Suit system?
A: Level 80.
Q: What if I accidentally discard the Archer Order?
A: Don't worry, it will not affect the unlocking of the War Suit system. Players can directly find Commander Yee in Twin City to complete the awakening task.
Q: What if I accidentally discard other awakening task items?
A: Don't worry, you can find the corresponding NPC and reclaim it.
Q: Can I choose the first set of War Suit to unlock?
A: No, the first War Suit is enabled by default - Stone Cracker.
Q: Is the order of unlocking War Suits fixed?
A: The first set of War Suit unlocked is Stone Cracker, but players can choose the second set of War Suit by themselves.
Archer Masters P5 at level 120 or above with a War Suit reaching level 5 can find Master Yan in Mo's Secret Room to take another trial for unlocking the second War Suit - Cold Moon.
Archer Masters P9 at level 120 or above with a War Suit reaching level 15 can find Mo Di in Mo's Secret Room to take the last trial for unlocking the third War Suit - Thorn Cutter.
Q: How many sets of War suit can I enable at the same time?
A: Only one set of War Suit can be enabled at a time, and players can choose to enable the most suitable War Suit.
Q: What materials can be used to upgrade the War Suit?
A: Only specific materials can be used to upgrade the War Suit. Other equipment, +Stones are not available for upgrading the War Suit.
Q: How much EXP can be increased by these materials?
A: The War Suit EXP offered may vary according to the type and quality. Click here for details.
Q: What is the Trigger?
A: It’s the exclusive strengthening material for Archers, which can be used to increase the War Suit EXP. Players can get them from Bounty Hall, CP Mall and various events.
Q: How does the War Suit increase character attributes?
A: The War Suit applied provides 100% of its attributes to Archers, while others, unlocked but not applied, provide 5% of their attributes.  
Q: How many levels does each War Suit have?
A: 60.
Q: How much EXP does it take to reach the full level of each War Suit?
A: A total of 2,709,200 EXP is required for each War Suit to reach the full level. Click here for details.
Q: How to open the War Suit Rankings?
A: When the total War Suit EXP reaches 10,000, the player can view the War Suit Rankings on the War Suit interface. You’re ranked according to the War Suit EXP, and the top player will receive attribute bonus.
Q: Are there any new skills for Archers in this update?
A: Yes, there are 9 new skills for 3 war suits. Click here for details.
More answers are being updated... Please stay tuned!
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