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Archers Privilege Month Begins on Aug. 3rd - Come and Win Your Double Rewards!

Date: 2021-08-03 00:00 Source: Official Views:

The Privilege Month for the Archers will be from Aug. 3rd to Sep.2nd! It is the time for the Archers to enjoy several privileges! Let’s check it out.

Privilege in PK Events
1.Extra Reward for the Archers in the Class PK War
Apart from the original prizes, the champion of the Archer Class PK War on every Monday will also be rewarded with 5% of EXP, an Intelligent Study Pack (3,000 Study Points) and a Valiant Chi Pack (3,000 Chi Points).
2.Extra Reward for Skill Team PK Tournament and Team PK Tournament
Apart from the original prizes, the Archer who leads his/her team to winning the championship of the Team PK Tournament or Skill Team PK Tournament will receive a 100KK Contribution Medal, Dragon Ball Pack (5 Bound Dragon Balls). Each champion of each level group will receive rewards.
3.Extra Reward for Archer Elite PK

Rewards for Champion
Splendid Star Stone*2,
Moon Fruit*100,
5000 Chi Pointes,
Dragon Trigger*10
Radiant Star Stone*2,
Moon Fruit*70,
4000 Chi Pointes,
Dragon Trigger*7
Radiant Star Stone*1,
Moon Fruit*50,
3000 Chi Pointes,
Dragon Trigger*5
Moon Fruit*30,
2000 Chi Pointes,
Dragon Trigger*1


Melt Archer Feathers

During the Privilege Month, Archers can melt Archer Feathers to get valuable rewards!

Ways to Obtain Daily Limit
Use Chi Tokens 2
Use Outstanding Exploit Packs 2
Open Daily Sign-in Pack1 1
Kill Monsters 4


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