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Winner List of Razer Gold Credit Rebate Event Released

Date: 2021-08-03 17:19 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes!

Razer Gold Credit Rebate event has ended, the top credit players have been revealed, and we randomly draw 10 lucky players who will get 1 Razer $20 Bonus Gold. Let's check out the winner list. 

This event is co-organized in three languages (English Conquer Online, Arabic Conquer Online, Spanish Conquer Online). 
The top 1 player in three languages can get 1 Razer $200 Bonus Gold as reward. 
For the top 3 players in each language version of CO, 1st place player will get 1 Razer $100 Bonus Gold, 2nd place player will get 1 Razer $60 Bonus Gold, 3rd place player will get 1 Razer $40 Bonus Gold
At the same time, for all players (English, Arabic, Spanish) participating in the event, as long as you credit more than $15.99, we will draw 10 lucky players to issue 1 Razer $20 Bonus Gold.
Top 1 winner in all 3 language versions:
Name Server Language
?|?rïtïcäl|? Lila Spanish
Top 3 winners in each language version:
Rank Name Server Language
1 *MARIM2* Champions_EU English
2 CharlotteLinlin Cancer English
3 Popaye Eternity English
Rank Name Server Language
1 ?|?rïtïcäl|? Lila Spanish
2 Judas Galaxia Spanish
3 #58?§k䮣ët?#58 Galaxia Spanish
Rank Name Server Language
1 LiLAC بلوتو_28 Arabic
2 ??|Mï|Nè?#52 علاءالدين_1 Arabic
3 jowhr سيندباد_3 Arabic
10 lucky players to win Razer $20 Bonus Gold:
>Yo$hI< Acuario Spanish
GranSabio Narciso Spanish
*KaYseR* Lila Spanish
»?hrïstïâN« Lila Spanish
.:gladiator! HangingGardens English
Elsa Columbus English
xBimbo Lion English
SneakyDude SnowWhite English
Drizzyy CelestialIsle English
_EngineeR_ Thunder English
For players who win the bonus gold, we will send the corresponding code to your registered mailbox within 5 work days. If you cannot use the registered mailbox, please contact us.
Congratulations to the lucky players, thank you for your support.
Clarification for Bonus Gold voucher:
1.The expired date for voucher is 30 September 2021.
2.For how to redeem Bonus Gold voucher to Razer Gold Wallet, may refer this link:
3.The redeemed bonus gold will have 1 month validity in the wallet, and the bonus gold will be expired after 1 month from the redeem date.
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