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Soaring Archers New Server Reservation Starts on Jul.20th

Date: 2021-07-19 17:26 Source: Official Views:

>>> Event Page <<<

Attention, heroes!
A new US server Crescent Shadow will open on Aug. 3rd, and the reservation starts on Jul. 20th! You can reserve for nice gift packs here
In the new server, there will be events like 30-Day Sign In, Credit Rebate, Quests Carnival, New Server Carnival, Mystery Fruit, Rainbow Fashion Deals, etc.

More detailed information about the new server will be released later, please stay tuned.

Note: One account can only make one reservation.

Step 1: Jul. 20th 00:00 – Aug. 2nd 23:59 US Sever Time

Login to the event page to reserve for gift pack.

Step 2: Aug. 3rd 00:00 – Aug. 16st 23:59 US Sever Time

1) Create a character in the new server;

2) Login to the event page to claim the gift pack;

3) Receive your gift pack from your in-game mailbox.

The more players make the reservation, the more gift packs you will get, check out the details below.

Total Reservation reaches 2,000:

Gift Pack


Elite Reservation Chest

+3 Stone (B) * 1

Meteor Scroll (B) * 5

Total Reservation reaches 5,000:

Gift Pack


Super Reservation Chest

EXP Ball (B) * 10

300 CPs (B)

Total Reservation reaches 10,000:

Total Reservation reaches 20,000:

Gift Pack

Content (Free)

Content (Pay 99 CPs to Upgrade the Rewards)

Noble Reservation Chest

300 CPs (B)

600 CPs (B)

7-day Lunar Angelic Robe (B)

30-day Lunar Angelic Robe (B)

7-day Holy Whale (Celestial) (B)

30-day Holy Whale (Celestial) (B)

3-day Destined Love wings (B)

15-day Destined Love wings (B)

+3 Stone (B) * 2

+3 Stone (B) * 4

EXP Ball (B) * 5

EXP Ball (B) * 10

Meteor Scroll (B) * 5

Meteor Scroll (B) * 10

A set of L30 +3 Archer Equipment (B)

A set of L30 +5 Archer Equipment (B)

Gift Pack


Luxury Reservation Chest

DB Scroll (B) * 1

1000 Chi Points (B)

  • War Suit Sprint
  • Crescent Shadow Benefits
  • Archer Month Card
  • Credit Rebate
  • Soaring Archers
  • Archers Privilege Month
  • August Grand Sale
  • Archer Super Hero Event
  • CS Team PK Tournament
  • Surprising Investment
  • Anima Quest
  • Awakening Promotion
  • Champion Server
  • World Challenge Summer Season
  • Reset First-Credit Gift
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma
  • New Server Prologue
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • Super Conquer Mall
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