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Defeat the True Boss to Get Nice Rewards from Gloom Space

Date: 2021-07-13 01:58 Source: Official Views:
Conquer Online
Gloom Space
Jul.13th 00:00 to Jul.26th 23:59 (US server time)
Name: Superb Exorcism Pack
Description: Open to get 1 P9 Anima, 3 Splendid Star Stones, 3 +5 Stones (B), 20000 Potency Points and 500 Universal Rune Essences (B).
Name: Expert Exorcism Pack
Description: Open to get 2 Splendid Star Stones, 2 +5 Stones (B), 15000 Potency Points and 400 Universal Rune Essences (B).
Name: Elite Exorcism Pack
Description: Open to get 1 Splendid Star Stone, 1 +5 Stone (B), 12000 Potency Points and 300 Universal Rune Essences (B).
Name: Heroic Exorcism Pack
Description: Open to get 2 Radiant Star Stones, 2 +5 Stones (B), 10000 Potency Points and 200 Universal Rune Essences (B).
Available Server
Available to all servers, but exorcism rankings prizes are not for server Chimera/Vault_EU.
Level 80
Reward Claiming Chance
Quest Place
Twin City
Key Item
Name: Gloom Shield
Description: Use to protect yourself from Gloom Miasma. Right click to find Wuchang. Expires on July 26, 2021.
Name: Gloom Miasma
Description: Purify Gloom Miasmas in Gloom Furnace to get abundant rewards. Right click to find Gloom Furnace. Expires on July 26, 2021.
(function, name, location)
Name: Wuchang
Location: [Twin City](356,486)
Function: Quest guidance
Name: Gloom Furnace
Location: [Twin City](356,489)
Function: Purifying Gloom Miasma and distributing rewards
Brief Walkthrough
1. There are 9 floors in Gloom Space. Only heroes with Gloom Shield can stay safety in Gloom Space. During the event you can learn more information from Wuchang [Twin City (356,486)}.
2. After entering Gloom Space, you can use Monster Detector to find the true boss and defeat him to get plenty of Gloom Miasmas.
3. You can purify Gloom Miasmas in Gloom Furnace [Twin City (356,489)] for great rewards.
4. The top 10 heroes across all servers (except Chimera/Vault_EU) can receive rank rewards from in-game mail box. Exorcism Rankings are based on the time you use for passing the 9th floor of Gloom Space. Rank higher to get more rewards!
Detailed Walkthrough
The seal on Gloom Space broke and the leaked Gloom Miasmas have poisoned many people. Wuchang hurried to Twin City in an attempt to invite heroes to expel monsters in Gloom Space.
You learned from Wuchang that Gloom Shield can protect your from Gloom Miasma and how to obtain the shield.
You decided to carry the Gloom Shield and enter Gloom Space.
As Wuchang said, Monster Detector can tell you who is the phantom formed from miasma and who is the person corroded by miasma. Defeat corroded ones and expel phantoms following Monster Detector’s guidance to pass the 1st floor of Gloom Space and collect lots of Gloom Miasmas.
Purify Gloom Miasmas in Gloom Furnace to get abundant rewards.
When the miasmas you purified reach a certain amount, you can claim great rewards.
With unremitting efforts, you finally expelled all miasmas on the 9th floor of Gloom Space. Wuchang will arrange Exorcism Rankings on the basis of the time you used for passing the 9th floor of Gloom Space. Rank higher to get more rewards!

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