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Archer's Epic Weapon

Date: 2021-06-08 00:00 Source: Official Views:


Archer’s Epic Weapon


Archer’s Epic Weapons:
Ethereal Dusk Shadow
Ethereal Shadow Hunt
Ethereal Godslayer


All servers


2nd rebirth level 70

Reward Claiming Times

No limit


Trial Ground of Moism

Key Items

Tiangong Kaiwu
This encyclopedia contains a wide range of technical issues. Use it to convert Archer`s throwing knife into an epic weapon.

Key NPCs

Storm Master (Job Center 56,56)

Mo Chu (Trial Ground of Moism 38,56)

Brief Walkthrough

1. Talk to the Storm Master to enter the Trial Ground of Moism.
2. Mo Chu will guide you on how to infuse energy into the statues.
3. Pay 27 CPs to infuse energy one time to get 0/1/5/10 Energy Points up. Pay 270 CPs to infuse 10 times. You may choose to use 3 White/Red Flowers to infuse energy once a day.
4. When all the 4 statues and the Mystic Altar are fully infused with energy, the precious Tiangong Kaiwu will appear! Use it to convert your main weapon into an epic one!
5. After equipping the epic weapon, you may learn the epic skills from the Storm Master.

Detailed Walkthrough

Moism has returned with glory! Hurry up and find the Storm Master in the Job Center to take the Archer’s epic quest! 

Mo Chu has been waiting for you there. Follow his guidance, and you’ll be able to infuse energy into the statues. Only when all the 4 statues and the Mystic Altar are fully infused with energy can you gain the precious Tiangong Kaiwu, which will convert your main weapon into an epic one!
You arrived at the Universal Love Statue, and tried to infuse energy into it. Voila, the statue gained 10 Energy Points!
You kept trying, and finally, the Universal Love Statue is fully infused with energy! You received a nice reward!
No pain, no gain. You got the precious Tiangong Kaiwu through your unremitting efforts, and your weapon has been converted into an epic one successfully!
Equipped with an epic weapon, you’ve learned the epic skill, Starburst Arrows, from the Storm Master!
With the epic weapon in hand, the principle of Moism has been engraved on your heart. You’re now one of the most extraordinary Archers!

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