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Rise of Heroes Quiz will start from October 15th!

Date: 2020-10-15 01:04 Source: Official Views:
October 15th to November 4th
Above 1st Rebirth 120
Heroes can talk with Fearless Wei to participate in the . There are few questions in the quiz. Take it once a day and if you get them all right, you can get a gift as reward! Come answer questions and get rewards!
  • Anima Quest
  • Smelting Recovery
  • Vault_EU Benefit
  • Time-limited Exchange Store
  • Guild Contribution Competition
  • FullyArmored New Server Reservation
  • Super Hero Reunion
  • Ultimate Trial
  • Fortune Wheels
  • Mystery Fruit Banquet
  • 0.99 USD For Treasure
  • New Guild
  • Super Hero
  • CS Team PK Tournament
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • Glory_EU Global Conquer
  • Inner Power Challenge
  • New Server CelestialIsle
  • Play COP to Win Phone Bill
  • Super Conquer Mall
  • Inspired Ninjas
  • 0.99 USD For Treasure
  • Daily Quiz on 11/07-11/30
  • Get Stronger Guide
  • Gold Shopping Mall Since April 2nd
  • New Hourly Quest
  • New Version & Event Guild
  • New Server Anima_EU
  • Unbound and Bound Lottery
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