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Cross-Server Team PK Tournament Starts on October 15th

Date: 2020-10-15 01:09 Source: Official Views:
Attention, heroes!
Cross-Server Team PK Tournament is coming again, it will be from October 15th to November 9th. There are 2 matches:
1st Match Time: 19:00 October 22nd
2nd Match Time: 19:00 November 5th 
Note: Vault_EU server will not join the Cross-Server Team PK Tournament this time.
Check out the details below.
October 15th to November 9th
Team PK Aid in Twin City (331,491)
CS Team PK Dealer in Twin City (334,491)
Level 110 and CS Team PK Ticket
You will need ticket to join the PK. There are 3 ways to get the ticket during the event time.
1. Join Team PK Tournament on your own server and all members of top 8 teams will get the ticket.
2. Purchase the ticket from NPC with 99 CPs.
3. Using 7 Chi Tokens from daily quests may get you a ticket randomly.
Note: All the members of the team should have this ticket, not just the team leader.
Rules for the CS Team PK Tournament:
1. The tournament consists of 3 groups, Level 130+Level 120-129 and Level 100-119. And the contestants will be divided into the group according to your level automatically, to ensure the participants are well-matched in strength.
2. The rules of Cross-Server Team PK Tournament are exactly the same as Team PK Tournament. Players will enter the Arena automatically, and fight against their opponent in a 5 on 5 matches after the match is started. In the Knock-Out phase, the winner moves on to the next round and the loser will be knocked out of the competition.
3. The reward will be sent to winning team leaders' mailbox, after the tournament.
Rewards for top 8 winners
Note: For each team, all the 5 packs will be sent to the team leader, members can trade with the team leader to get the packs. 
Rank Rewards for Above Lv. 130 Rewards for Lv.120 to Lv.129 Rewards for Lv.110 to Lv.119
The pack contains a 14-day title of King Team,RedBodhiBean*1,30-dayGoldenDragonslayerPack*2 etc. The pack contains DragonFruit*2,UniversalRuneEssence(B)*1 etc. The pack contains TwilightStarStone*3,500Chi Points.
The pack contains a 14-day title of Dominator Team,MoonFruit*1,30-daySilverDragonslayerPack*2 etc. The pack contains GinsengFruit*2,BrightStarStone*1 etc. The pack contains TwilightStarStone*2,400Chi Points.
The pack contains a 14-day title of Power Team,MoonFruit*1,30-dayBronzeDragonslayerPack*2 etc. The pack contains GinsengFruit*1,BrightStarStone*1 etc. he pack contains TwilightStarStone*1,300Chi Points.
The pack contains a 14-day title of Elite Team,DragonFruit*2,15-dayBronzeDragonslayerPack*2 etc. The pack contains TwilightStarStone*3,500Chi Points. The pack contains FavoredTrainingPill(B)*2,200Chi Points.
The Cross-Server Team PK will be among the servers in each server group.
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