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Guild News Part Ⅱ: Guild War and Guild Optimization

Date: 2020-10-13 23:58 Source: Official Views:

October 15th, we are about to update the Guild! Heroes must be curious about the new Guild system. In this update, we have retained the habits of the heroes and added new gameplay. Next, let us view the latest news~

In this update, we mainly optimized the Guild War and Guild System. We will continue to introduce the content to the heroes.

Guild War Optimization
1. Win-lose Mechanism
During Guild War, heroes can get points by attacking pillars/gates, scrambling for the Honor Pillar and picking point items. The Guild with the most points will win.
There are 10000 points in total. It consists of the following parts:
    Available Points: 3000. You can pick point items in the Guild War map to get points. If you are killed, the killer will get 80% of the points. If the dead player failed to revive within 60 seconds, his/her points will be recycled by the system. If you leave the map during the Guild War, your points will also be recycled by the system.
    Gate Pillar Ownership: 2000 points. The 2000 points will be distributed to Guilds according to their damage on Guild Pillars and the No. 1 Guild will get the ownership of the gate.
    Gate Points: 1000. There are 2 gates and each bears 500 points. When the gate has not been destroyed, the points belong to the Guild with Guild Pillar. When the gate is destroyed, the gate and the points will go to the Guild which destroys the gate. If the Guild with Guild Pillar repairs the gate, the points will be returned.
    Tenacity Pillar & Exorcism Pillar: 1000 points. Each pillar has 500 points.
    Honor Pillar: 3000 points.
2. Guild Beast
    There are 7 Guild Beasts now. You need to upgrade them one by one separately. Only Guild Leader or Deputy Leader can upgrade Guild Beasts. Consume Guild Materials to upgrade them up to level 9.
    The higher the level of beast, the more the HP and the stronger the Attack and Defense.
    The higher the level of beast, the better the reward. The reward includes Universal Rune Essence, Soul Fruit, Knowledge Pill, +3 Stone, Bright Star Stone, +3 Steed and so on.
3. Commander Position
    Guild War Commander can command in 3 ways:
1. Click the button in the bottom of the screen to give the attack order;
2. Click the Report button in the upper left corner to make marks on the map;
3. Commander can directly send messages with the Commander mark in Chat Box.
You can summon Guild Keeper during combat. The higher the level of the keeper, the better the effect of its skill. There are 3 Guild Keepers in total. Rock Turtle can help decrease Max HP of your enemy. Lotus Demon can provide a shield to absorb damage for you. The higher the BP of the player, the less the damage that the shield will absorb. Sierra Beast will increase your Attack.
Guild Optimization
1. Guild Interface
The Guild interface is fully updated! The heroes only need to click the Guild button on the main interface to open the new Guild interface.
2. Donation Innovation
    Guild Donation Acquisition:
(1) Donating various Guild resources. Donate CP or Silver to get Donation Point.
(2) Collecting Exorcism Token, Justice Token and Rivalry Token to exchange.
3. Guild Store
    Guild members can use Donation Points to buy items in Guild Store.
4. Officials
Guild officials can appoint Guild members with lower positions. The number of Guild officials depends on the level of Guild Center.
Guild Leader
Deputy Leader
Expel Member
Ally & Unally
Add to & Remove from Enemy List
Set Auto-recruitment & No Recruitment
Modify Guild Bulletin
Sign up for Guild War
Use Guild Materials to Upgrade
Set Rewards for Guild War and CTF
Modify the Permission of  Repairing Gate
Join & Quit Union
Appoint Commander for Guild War


The above is the content of this revelation. Are heroes looking forward to the arrival of the new Guild?
Call your friends, compete for the boss, protect your own homeland, the Dragon Slaying Season is coming soon!
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