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Breaking News - New Guild is Coming Soon!

Date: 2020-10-10 06:48 Source: Official Views:
Dear players, do you own or join a guild in the game? Whether you are the leader or a member, the guild's partners will fight alongside you.
Do you remember? You build guild together and make friends from all corners of the world. You also take up arms together to protect your guild home.
Every time the guild member accompanies you, we believe it will leave you with a special memory.
CO has always been committed to serving players. Since it is everyone's home, we will definitely protect it together. We are about to optimize the content of the guild. More gameplay and richer interaction are waiting for you. Next, let us take a look at the latest breaking news about new Guild!
· New Guild Interface
You can check the basic information of Guilds in the Guild Info interface.
a. Rename Guild
    In Guild Info interface, click the Rename button behind the name of Guild to rename the Guild.
    The new name will take effect on the next day after maintenance.
    Only Guild Leader can rename a Guild.
b. Guild Fund
    You can check the quantity of Guild Fund, Guild CPs and Guild Materials here.
c. Guild Bulletin
    Edit and post bulletins here.
d. Guild Event
    Latest events of the Guild will be recorded here.
e. Guild Recruitment
    Click Recruit button in the Guild Info interface to open the recruitment interface.
    Top 10 Guilds can recruit members here. Other Guilds can only send invitations to players.
    You can see players who have applied for your Guild here.
    You can approve or reject applications here.
    You can start or stop Guild Recruitment here.
    You can set limits on class and BP of players during recruitment.
· Guild Beast
Challenge 7 beasts every day to win good rewards.
There are 7 Guild Beasts: Chaos Beast, Flame Devil, Myth Demon, Hell Eye, Green Demon, Evil Corpse and Giant Demon. 
You can kill Guild Beasts via Guild Event - Guild Boss interface every day. The higher the level of Guild Beast, the better the attribute and the more precious the reward.
· Guild War Optimization
  Unite to pick victory from 3 Keepers! There are 3 Guild Keepers in total: Rock Turtle, Lotus Demon and Sierra Beast.
Rock Turtle can release skill Bloodthirsty, which helps decrease Max HP of your enemy with each attack.
Lotus Demon can release skill Multi-wings. When the keeper is alive, it can provide a shield to absorb damage for you. The higher the BP of the player, the less the damage that the shield will absorb.
Sierra Beast can release skill Blood Surge, which will increase your Attack.
The above content is only part of the content of this update. There are more optimizations about the guild system and guild war. We will continue to reveal to you. If heroes are interested, please continue to pay attention to the official website!
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