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Ghosts Night Walk on 5/07-5/20

Date: 2020-05-07 01:01 Source: Official Views:

Duration: 5/07-5/20


Exchange this for treasures with Jennifer.
Exchange this for treasures with Jennifer.
5-star Mount Selection Pack
Open to choose 1 permanent 1% Blessed Mount Armor of Giant Fish (Ripple)/ Celestial Fox (Fantasy)/ Mythic Beast.

Dark and windy night, time for ghosts to rise. If heroes can help professional ghost catcher catch ghosts, she would give you plentiful rewards!

The tools for catching ghosts are expensive. Heroes need to pay a deposit. The more the deposit, the better the tools as well as the rewards. There are four rounds you can choose: 100K Silver round, 1KK Silver round, 500 CPs(B) round and 200 CPs round.

After the heroes catch the ghosts, you will get GhostSpirit and GhostBreath, you can find Jennifer to redeem a rich reward.

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