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Inspired Class New Server Reservation on 3/31-4/28

Date: 2020-03-31 00:51 Source: Official Views:
Attention, heroes! The secret of CO is about to be revealed, a class is going to inspire! Which class will this mysterious class be, we will wait with you for the day when the secret is revealed.
To celebrate the class inspire from the darkness, we are about to start a new server on April 21st. This new server will be full of various welfare activities, such as Bound Item Carnival, Credit Rebate and so on.
Now, we are about to start reservation event. This is brand new form of reservation, just to wait for this inspired class! 
March 31st to  April 28th
Reservation Walkthrough:
1. During the event, players can log in to the page, click Reservation Now and reservation new server to claim New Server Reservation Gifts.
2. Once the reservation is successful, after the new server opens in April, find the specified NPC to sign in and back to event page, claim the chest icon and heroes can receive the gift.
3. The New Server Reservation Gifts including:
100 CP(B)s
Exp Ball *5
MeteorScroll(B) *5
The Weapons of New Inspired Class
The Equipments of New Inspired Class
More surprises waiting for you at the new server!
4. When you log in on the page, you need to enter your mobile phone number. Please do not worry, CO will never reveal your personal information. The mobile phone number is to issue some gift codes and news. Thank you heroes for your trust and support for CO.
5. Heroes can only receive one reservation gift per account.
Reservation Number Gift:
1. During the reservation time, when the reservation players number reaches 100k, 200k, 300k, 400k and 500k, the corresponding beads will be unlock. Players can click the unlocked beads to receive the rewards. 
2. Please note that when you log in, what server is selected and what server the Reservation Number Gift will be issued to.
3. There is level requirement to receive Reservation Number Gift. If your gift needs to be sent to the old server, your character on the old server must reach 2nd rebirth or higher. If your gift needs to be sent to the new server in April, the character level must reach 110.
4. All Reservation Number Gift including:
100K Appointment Pack
Open to get 3 Twilight Star Stones and 1000 Chi Points.
200K Appointment Pack
Open to get 1 +3 Stone (B) and 5 Meteor Scrolls (B).
300K Appointment Pack
Open to get 1 Bright Star Stone and 1 P7 Dragon Soul Selection Pack (B).
400K Appointment Pack
Open to get 1000 Study Points and 1 L1 CPs Treasure Bowl (B).
500K Appointment Pack
Open to get 50 Yellow Rune Essences (B), 1 Yellow Rune Fragment (B) 
and 1 Dragon Fruit.
5. Let's wait for all the beads to be unlocked together. we hope that the heroes can successfully reach the appointment goal and receive rich rewards!
Share Lucky Player
1. During the event, players who have successfully reservation and log in to the new server, and shared the reservation page to Facebook, system will randomly draw a lucky hero with a sumptuous gift pack, wish you good luck!
2. For more information about class inspired, the heroes can also follow Official Facebook, the latest news is waiting for you.
Class awakening benefits and new server are waiting for you!
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