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Best Wish to World on 03/26-4/01

Date: 2020-03-26 00:27 Source: Official Views:
Above 1st rebirth
Twin City(350,437)
+6 Stone(B), Splendid Star Stone, etc
Heroes may get Praying Card Packs by defeating monsters in Dragon Island, Deityland or Boss Base. Using ChiToken and OutstandingExploitPack can also get Praying Card Packs.
You can get Cards Best, Wish, To and World by opening the pack. You can get 1 Hope Light by having 4 cards. Daily Sign-in every day can get the Hope Light directly.
If heroes use 1 Hope Light to pray, you can get 1 World Wish Pack. If heroes pray for 10 times, you can get 1 Hope Star Pack. When all heroes in the server pray for certain times, you can get 1 United Praying Pack in addition if you reach 2nd rebirth.
When heroes pray with Hope Light, you can spend extra silver for cheering for doctors and nurses in the world, your chance to get advanced rewards will double when you open the pack.
Although the virus is merciless, the world is lovely. The light stands for your wish to the people in the world. Wish the people to go through difficulties and gain a love life with the light.
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