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Secret of Awakening Stage One on 03/17-03/30

Date: 2020-03-17 00:08 Source: Official Views:
Recently several Justice Tokens in the guide were scattered around. If heroes help Lady Empyrean get back the Justice Tokens, the lady will give heroes numerous treasures in return!
Lady Empyrean
Twin City(313,438)
How to get Justice Tokens:
During the event, kill monsters to get the Justice Token of a random class, heroes can claim the Secret Rubbing to check your Justice Tokens.
And heroes can give the Justice Tokens to Lady Empyrean to exchange for Justice Points. When the points reach a certain amount, heroes can receive rewards.
With the accumulation and upgrading of Justice Points in each class, players can get rich rewards. At the same time, the Justice Points collected by players can also be exchanged for rewards in Stage Two. The more Justice Points collected by heroes, the more rewards can be exchanged. Come to explore the secrets of CO and collect Justice Tokens!
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