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First Credit Gifts on 12/03-12/31

Date: 2019-12-02 22:54 Source: Official Views:


You can gain 6 valuable gift packs for first credit.

Claim Rewards
You can claim your rewards by clicking "First Credit Gifts".

Gift Packs

Packs Descriptions
Christmas Harmony(B) A 30-day Christmas Harmony(B) garment.
Stone(+3)(B) randomly get one from 5/4/3/2 Stones(+3)(B).
Yellow Rune Fragments(B) 20 Yellow Rune Fragments(B)
Dragon Fruit(B) 3 Dragon Fruits(B)
Level 1 Treasure Bowls(B) 5 Level-1 Treasure Bowls(B). Each bowl(B) contains 100 CPs(B).
Anima(B) Randomly get one from a P18 Anima, a P12 Anima, a Chaos Jade(B), a Dragonball(B) or 2 Bright Star Stones.

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