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SuperHero 3rd Season is Coming!

Date: 2019-11-13 01:45 Source: Official Views:
From November 12th to 25th, heroes can get heroes point by completing Hero Tasks in the window of Super Hero. (Please don't transfer server during the event.)
There are 3 kinds of privilege, heroes can get different reward with your privilege and level. 
Heroes can purchase L2 Superhero Token privilege directly in the window. 
There are two ways to get L3 Superhero token. One way is that heroes can purchase the L2 token first and then purchase the L3 token from the privileged store. 
Another way is that heroes can find SilverStore (Twin City 351,435) to buy a PrivilegeWheel. When you draw the wheel, you have the chance to earn HeroPoints, L3 SuperHero Token Fragments and L3 SuperHero Token.(All the rewards in the wheel are tradable).
(Twin City 351,435)
You can buy the
PrivilegeWheel from SilverStore.
Spin it to possibly get L3 Superhero token/Hero Points/etc. Expires on Nov. 25.
At the end of the event, if your accumulated Hero Points are the top five in the server, you can get rich ranking reward such as Holly Blue Wings. You can view the ranking rewards in the ranking interface. 
If Heroes purchase the L3 Superhero Token and ranking No.1 at the end (Hero Points at least 1,000,000 pts), you will extra get anima as return according to your Hero Points. 
According to the points heroes get, heroes can exchange Anima, New Mount Armor AstralDeer(B) from Point Store.
Heroes which have purchased relevant privilege can get New garment GalaxyDream(B) or GalaxyDream(Grace)(B), and also can purchase more thing from Privilege Store.
The new season of Superhero has already begun, hurry to join us to get rich prizes! 
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