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A Letter of Apology to Our Players

Date: 2019-10-22 01:36 Source: Official Views:
In view of recent anomalies of servers, we have to offer our sincerest apologies to all players who had a bad experience in the game. It is our first priority to stabilize the game and to make up for your loss. Meanwhile, we hope you will continue your support for CO and resist hackers with us.
With regards to recent anomalies of servers caused by hackers out of their own interests, we have cooperated with a well-known server defending business in intensifying and optimizing our defending system. With recent effort, we have successfully defended some servers, but a few servers are still under attack. We are coping with this problem 24/7, trying to rebuild an ideal environment for the game.
(1) Recently, we successively made amends to our players twice, but some players are not satisfied with our compensations. Now we seriously declare that we will continue the compensations in the following ways:
A. For those being influenced in PK Tournament, we will offer double rewards for a whole month after servers are stabilized. For those being severely influenced in particular servers, we will offer compensations separately.
B. For anyone who recently made provocative and abusive remarks or incited bad practice in the game, we will conduct investigations and subsequent handling.
C. For events being influenced lately, we will postpone some of them and arrange update for others to reduce the difficulty, design new playing and increase rewards.
D. Fore all players, VIP players, mac players and players who credited lately, we will release more new packs and events to compensate for your loss.
E. For players being influenced in poker games, we will bring out Silver Shower and compensate individuals.
Note: All compensations above involved a complicated information-processing procedure, which will take some time. We will publish detailed compensations and events after they are confirmed.
(2) We want to build a healthy and happy environment for the game together with all dear players. We expect more players to openly reject and condemn the ill conduct of hackers, and to understand situations like update and losing connections as a result of optimizing servers. If you find anyone who disturbs the game, please keep an evidence like screen shots and contact us. We will deal with them after investigation.
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