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Daily Online Gifts on 09/05-10/09

Date: 2019-09-04 22:31 Source: Official Views:


Level 80+ or reborn

Professor Wei (Twin City 362,438)

A new semester represents fresh starts. Professor Wei has prepared nice gifts for you. Don`t forget to claim yours when reaching certain levels.

Gift Packs:
Claim a pack from Professor Wei and open it once a day during the event time.

Gift Pack
Non reborn level 80-140
Delicate Activeness Pack
Open to get 5 EXP Balls (B) and a random gift from 10 CPs (B), +1 Stone (B)*1, Meteor Scroll (B)*1, Dragonball (B)*1, Twilight Star Stone*1, 50 Study Points, etc.
1st Rebirth
Luxury Activeness
Open to get 30 CPs (B) and a random gift from 50/100 CPs (B), +3 Stone (B)*1, Dragonball (B)*1, Ginseng Fruit*1, Meteor Scroll (B)*1, +2 Stone (B)*1, Twilight Star Stone*2.
2nd Rebirth
Super Activeness
Open to get 50 CPs (B) and a random gift from 100/200 CPs (B), Bright Star Stone, DB (B), Ginseng Fruit, +2 Stone (B), 2 Twilight Star Stones, etc.

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