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Couple Riding Mount on 08/06-09/02

Date: 2019-08-06 00:43 Source: Official Views:

Couple Riding Mount on 08/06-09/06


Non-reborn level 80+ or reborn

Celestial Dragon, Chi Points, +x Stones, etc.

Put on your best clothes. Be the shiniest star! Hand in a Fashion Star Show Ticket so you can join in the event and win abundant rewards.

1. Audrey (Twin City 320,392): Rent 1 5-Star Garment
2. Givan (Twin City 325,392): (1) Use a ticket to participate; (2) Fashion Star Rankings; (3) Check the scores and rewards.
3. Laurence (Twin City 332,392): Swap item for gifts


Participate in the event and Check Rankings
1.Hand in a Fashion Star Show Ticket to Givan so you can join in the event and win abundant rewards.
2. You can obtain a ticket by opening a Daily Sign-In Gift Pack / Outstanding Exploit Pack, using a Chi Token, killing the monsters in the regions.
3. The fashion show theme is different every day. The higher star garment you wear, the higher score you get.
4. Fashion Dar Daily Rankings will be reset at 23:59.

Rent a 5-Star Garment s/ Mount Armors
Audrey has lots of pretty garments. If you need to rent some of the Fashion Star Show. She's pleased to help. You will have a good score with her garments. The high the score, the better the rewards.

Swap Items for Gifts
Collect 1-7 Star Dragon Balls to summon the unique Celestial Dragon (Freedome). If your grade is better than A, you will get the Dragon Crystal. Melt Dragon Crystal and you'll have a chance to get 7 Special dragon Balls. After getting the Celestial Dragon (Freedom).

Ride on a Celestial Dragon (Freedom) With your beloved
You have two ways to ride with your beloved:
1. Click the button "Emotion" ->"Interact"->"Ride on Tandem", and then your beloved.

2. Click "Wardrobe"->"Mount"->"Couple Ride" ->"Invite", and then your beloved.


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