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Detailed Information about Weapon Archive and Weapon Spirits

Date: 2019-07-01 23:39 Source: Official Views:

Greetings, heroes!

Here comes the detailed information about Weapon Archives and Weapon Spirits, let's check it out. 

Unlock Weapon Archive and Inspire Weapon Spirits

When Trojan reaches level 40, he can go to Mr. Pride in Dragland to pass the Dragland Trial and unlock Weapon Archive. You can talk to NPC Job Promo Teleporter in Job Center to enter Dragland.





Accept the Dragland Trial and kill the Dragon Spirit to complete it, then you can unlock Weapon Archives.


Spirit Casting

After opening the Weapon Archives, NPC Li Xiaoyao can help you inspire weapon spirits, different Weapon Spirits can be inspired in different ways, Li Xiaoyao can inspire one Weapon Spirit for you for free.



You can upgrade Weapon Spirits level by Spirit Casting, the higher the level, the better Spirit Attributes you will get. And special effects will be activated when certain level is reached.

It costs Legendary Essence to upgrade Weapon Spirits, you can collect Legendary Essence from Keen Ravine. Talk to NPC Cloud Lee at Twin City (323,452) to enter Keen Ravine.

Spirit Polishing


When a Weapon Spirit reaches 3-Star, Spirit Polish is unlocked, you can add extra amount in HP, P-Attack and P-Defense in polish, the polishing result will be added to basic Spirit Attributes. In each polish, the result is random, the result may be worse than your current attributes, please think twice before you save the result.

You can use Spirit Stone or Chaos Jade to conduct Spirit Polishing, Chaos Jade has a higher chance to increase Spirit Attributes. You can collect them from Keen Ravine.

Also when a Weapon Spirit reaches 3-Star, you can view its Guardian Status which is really cool! The weapon will be shown behind the character. You can view Guardian Status at NPC Swordmaster in Dragland.


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