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First Look at Trojan-inspired Skills Coming with the New Expansion

Date: 2019-06-13 03:43 Source: Official Views:
CO’s newest expansion, Inspired Trojans, is on the horizon!
Heroes can get a first look at the Trojan-inspired skills now.
[Scent Sword] – Improved Skill, More Attractive
[Scent Sword] is always one of heroes’ favorite skills. When equipping a sword or epic weapon, Trojan can cast the skill to attack and damage all targets in a straight line within the range. After the inspiration, casting the skill will be more attractive with a wider range of attack.
[Hercules] – For One-handed Weapon
[Hercules] can be cast when Trojan equipping two general one-handed weapons or epic weapons. After the inspiration, the skill will also embrace a new look. You will find special dragon patterns added to the light effect for casting [Hercules]. The dazzling display will never make your opponent underestimate its power.
Note: The content mentioned above are only for reference.

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