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Interview With The King of Nobility Booster on May.13th

Date: 2019-05-13 23:03 Source: Official Views:
The latest Nobility Boooster event had been ended on May 8th. Congratulations to all the heroes on the rank! Today, we are so glad to have NO.1 to the rank to have this interview with us!
Let's welcome |~Odin~| from Server Phoenix, his Total Contribution is over 50,995,300,000! Amazing!!
GM: Congratulations, we hear that you are Rank NO.1 to Nobility Booster in Phoenix server! How did you become the king of donation? Can you tell us your gaming experience and show us your amazing character’s pictures?
|~Odin~|: Sure. First of all, we are in a big war right now in phoenix where all of the big boys in CO world come and fight for a war. We have been so competitive that we are making our enemies gamble their last card and bring the best of their group. And in the process we lost our kings rank and I was still like 126b during that time. It was then my motivation to get at least one of the 3 king ranks in order to keep our side still competitive. I made it through 200b but they just drop me a day after. I was then so motivated to move forward and get that king rank. I save my cps for bound exchange silently and of course use my credit card lol definitely. I made through 241b at the beginning just enough to drop who was on rank 3. But then they are still so persuasive in dropping me down, they donated around 245b. I was then thinking that they will keep me dropping if I’m just gonna chase the 3rd spot, so I did aim for Top 1. I donated to 256b passing one then 266b passing another. Finally donated to 276b for at least 10b ahead from rank 2. They need at least total of 60b to drop me down. I was feeling satisfied and accomplished. With all that rank chasing within our server it gives me a top rank of this donation booster events. It’s like winning twice at same time. Although our war still in progress and very tough from our side specially if we are fighting like 50 vs 300 but at least we feel secured with the king spot. I know end of the day we won’t give up and someone will going win, only thing we can promise that the winner will be us. Without the support from our alliance, I can’t make this far though. I’ll give thanks to Matto, Keith, Kenny, Jonathan, Glen, Drew, Joe, Medo, Eslam, Neil, Daniel, Keen, Tatzkie, Ralph, Jam, Cyriel, Wawa, Chaha, Kevin, Liker and our Pinoy loyal group and phoenix family as a whole.
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