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Challenge Dragon's Tomb Since 04/11

Date: 2019-03-26 15:27 Source: Official Views:

Longe(Twin City 355,414)

P18 Anima, P17 Anima, teleport scrolls of Netherworld, etc.

It's said the ancient dragons could foresee their own deaths. When the time was near, they flied to the South Sea as the final resting place. Longe has found dragon`s tomb in the South Sea! With P5 or P9 Animae, you can challenge dragon spirits there. By melting a spirit and your Anima in furnace, you have a chance to upgrade the Animae.

1. Visit Longe to learn the details. He will show you the way to Dragon's Tomb.

2. Enter the Dragon's Tomb with P5/P9 Animae.

3. You will get a Dragon Crystal after you eliminate a dragon.

4. Click Dragon Crystal to activate it with Animae and win nice rewards including Animae, Chi Points, Nether Layer Scrolls, etc.

5. Use Nether Layer Scroll to enter the Nether World.

6. Open the Treasure Chests and receive rare accessories like all kinds of lamps,

7. Equip the lamp to enhance your power.


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