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Thunderstriker Gifts Pack on 03/12-03/18

Date: 2019-03-11 04:58 Source: Official Views:

Thunderstriker Envoy (Twin City 317,385)

For Newborn Thunderstriker
If you are newborn Thunderstriker, you can receive nice gift packs at first login. All packs will expire on April 18th.

Open Times
Super Thunderstriker Gear Bag(B) 1 Level 100 Super Glory Stormhammer(+4)(B)
Level 97
Level 100 Super Shadow Flashaxe(+4)(B)
Level 100 Super Rumble Armor(+4)(B)
Level 100 Super Thunder Helmet(+4)(B)
Super Thunderstriker Gear Bag(B) 2 Level 45 Super Crystal Necklace(+3)(B)
Level 30
Level 50 Super Ivory Ring(+3)(B)
Level 50 Super Light Boots(+3)(B)
White Steed(+3)(B)
Level 30 Elite Riding Crop(B)
Level 100 Elite Heaven Fan(B)
Level 100 Elite Star Tower(B)
Level 100 Elite Tempest(B)
Level 85 Booming Thunder Bag(B) Bomb(B)*1
Level 85
10 times. Once a day.
Lucky Amulets(B)*2
2000 Study Points(B)
EXP Balls(B)*5
Level 110 Booming Thunder Bag(B) 2000 Chi Points(B)
Level 110
10 times. Once a day.
Favored Training Pill(B)*30
Special Training Pill(B)*30
1000 Potency Points(B)
Celestial Stone(B)*1
Bright Star Stone(B)*3
Inspirational Chi Box(B) 100,000 Chi Points(B)
Level 110
10 times. Once a day at 499 CPs.
Frozen Chi Pill(B)*1
Jiang Hu Promo Box(B) FreeTraining Pill(B)*100
Level 110
10 times. Once a day at 399 CPs.
Senior Training Pill(B)*100
Super Protection Pill(B)*100
Composing Material Box(B) Stone(+6)(B)*1
Level 110
10 times. Once a day at 299 CPs.

Reborn Thunderstrikers
All reborn Thunderstrikers can claim gift packs from Thunderstriker Envoy (Twin City 317,385).

Oblivion Dew Bag(B)
All reborn Thunderstrikers
Pay 10 CPs to open and receive 10 bottles of Oblivion Dew (B)
Thunderstriker Growth Box
1st Reborn Level 100+ Thunderstrikers
500 CPs(B)
2nd Reborn Level 100+ Thunderstrikers
1000 CPs(B)
All reborn Thunderstrikers
 Super Thunderstriker Gear Bag including a +4 Super Glory Stormhammer(B), a +4 Super Shadow Flashaxe(B), a +4 Super Rumble Armor(B) and a +4 Super Thunder Helmet(B)

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