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Q&A on Tailed Beast

Date: 2019-03-10 19:50 Source: Official Views:
  1. Q: What is Tailed Beast?
A: Tailed Beast is newly introduced to the game as a pet accompanying heroes, and also nicely enhance their attributes.
  1. Q: How can we activate the Tailed Beast system? How many Tailed Beasts can a character adopt?
A: The Tailed Beast system will be activated when you equip 5 Rune at the same time, and you will be able to adopt your first and only one Tailed Beast.
  1. Q: How can we upgrade a Tailed Beast?
A: Feed your Tailed Beast exclusive food to increase its Growth progress. When the progress bar is full, the Tailed Beast will gain 1 Star and also enhance your attributes.
  1. Q: How can we increase a Tailed Beast’s Phase?
A: Every 10 Stars a Tailed Beast accumulate increases its Phase by 1. P11 is currently the highest Phase for Tailed Beast.
Every 1 phase your Tailed Beast increases brings you 1 special attribute.
  1. Q: Will the character look different after activating the Tailed Beast system?
A: Character interface will be improved upon activation of the Tailed Beast system. The display box of BP and character appearance will also change as your Tailed Beast is activated and upgraded.
  1. Q: Will the appearance of a Tailed Beast change when it upgrades?
A: Different Tailed Beasts present different Shadow lights. The stronger the Tailed Beast, the more splendid the light effect.
  1. Q: What are other benefits for activating the Tailed Beast system?
A: After activating the Tailed Beast system, you will find two extra slots to be unlocked in the Rune interface. You can get one slot unlocked when your Tailed Beast reaches P2, and the other one unlocked when it reaches P5. The two extra slots are for Yellow Runes.
  1. Q: What are other attributes that a Tailed Beast may bring?
A: Tailed Beast may also enhance your Final P-Damage Reduction, Final M-Damage Reduction, Final M-Damage Dealt, Final P-Damage Dealt, and more.
  1. Q: How to get Tailed Beast Food?
A: There are 3 ways to get Tailed Beast Food:Killing Monster in Dragon Island and Deity Land; Melting Meteor Scroll to get Tailed Beast Food; Get Tailed Beast Food in event later.

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