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Q&A on Anima

Date: 2019-03-11 03:34 Source: Official Views:
  1. Q: What is Anima?
A: Anima is a new material similar to Gem. When embedded into equipment, Anima provides better bonus attributes than Gem does and increases the character’s BP. What’s more, Anima can be conveniently exchanged for CPs, and even physical rewards. For more details, please refer to the link below: Anima.
  1. Q: How can we obtain Animae?
A: There are currently 3 ways to collect Animae:
  1. During specific periods, killing monsters of any type may bring you fragments for making complete Animae.
  2. P1 to P11 Animae can be purchased from the Anima Store.
  3. Get animae in event later.
  1. Q: How can we obtain Animae of higher phase?
A: Every 100 Anima fragments collected from monsters during specific events can randomly make a complete Anima of P1 to P5. P1 to P11 Animae are sold for CPs in the Anima Store in the game. P11+ Animae can be obtained by forging, fusing or smelting lower-phase Animae in the Dragon Furnace. P13+ Anima must be upgraded in the Anima interface under the Forging system.
  1. Q: Are Animae tradable?
A: All Animae can be traded, but there is 3-day protection for P12+ Animae (P12 included) after they are removed from equipment. These Animae under protection can only be traded to your trade partners and can be embedded again during the 3 days. There is no such protection on Animae below P12 that can be directly exchanged for CPs.
  1. Q: What are the attributes that Animae improve?
A: When embedded into equipment, Anima can increase the character’s P-Attack, M-Attack, P-Defense, M-Defense and HP, as well as the Battle Power (increasing the Max BP from 405 points to 440 points). More details are shown on the official site.
  1. Q: What equipment can Animae be embedded in?
A: Except 4 kinds of Talisman and Steed, Animae can be embedded into other 7 equipment slots, including headgear, armor, main-hand weapon, off-hand weapon (temporary not available on Taoist’s secondary weapon), ring, necklace and boots.
  1. Q: How can we exchange Animae for CPs?
A: You can exchange Animae of any phase for CPs. Just right click the Anima, and then select the Exchange button to complete.
  1. Q: What do forging, fusing and smelting mean?
A: Forging, fusing and smelting are the ways to upgrade an Anima’s phase.
When forging, you need to put an Anima in the Dragon Furnace. If it is successful, your Anima may be upgraded to a higher phase.
Fusing means to fuse two same Animae into a new Anima of higher phase if it succeeds. If it fails, you may lose 1 or 2 Animae.
Smelting requires you to choose one of the twin furnaces and put an Anima in. Only one of the furnaces will make successful smelting at a time.
  1. Q: What are the success rates of forging, fusing and smelting respectively?
A: There is a 55% chance of successfully forging an Anima that brings two results: 1. You get a better Anima; 2. You get an extra lower-phase Anima meanwhile the original Anima is not upgraded. If the forging fails (45% chance), you will lose the Anima and get exp instead. Every time you put an Anima into the Furnace, you have 8 chances to forge it.
The success rate of fusing two same Animae is 50% if the two Animae are P12 or lower, and is 100% if they are above P12.
Smelting an Anima may upgrade its phase with a 50% of success rate. If fails, you will get nothing back.
  1. Q: What are the benefits of Animae?
A: First, convenient exchange for CPs; Second, physical rewards for P12+ Animae; Third, bonus BP; Lastly, special background for the character interface.

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