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February Sales will Start on February 2nd

Date: 2019-01-31 18:44 Source: Official Views:
Greetings, heroes!
The February Sales will be from February 2nd to February 13th. Not like other sales, this time you will need to purchase the items on an event page in game, and you will have chance to make lucky draw to win CPs. Please check out the details below. 
You can open the event page by clicking February Sales at NPC Gracey. 
Duration: February 2nd to February 13th
NPC: Gracey at Twin City (356,459)
The event has 2 stages: CP Prestore Stage and Item Purchase Stage
CP Prestore Stage: Feb. 2nd to Feb. 7th
In CP Prestore Stage, you can prestore CPs and gain chances to spin the wheel to win CPs, but you can not purchase items, yet.
You can choose to deposit 100 CPs, 500 CPs or 1000 CPs at a time. Heroes who deposit more than 100 CPs in a day will get one lucky draw chance to spin the wheel. Also the heroes who visit the page for the first time during the event will get a free chance to spin the wheel.
When you have a spin chance, spin the wheel to try your luck, you may get 20 CPs, 30 CPs, 40 CPs, 50 CPs, 100 CPs or 200 CPs randomly from the wheel. The CPs you win will be added to your deposit, you can only use them to purchase items here.
Note: You can only make 1 lucky spin a day. And the CPs you stored in this event can only be used for your purchases here and will not be returned after the sales. Please deposit CPs according to your purchase plan.
Item Purchase Stage: Feb. 8th to Feb. 13th
In Item Purchase Stage, you can not gain chances to spin the wheel anymore, please make sure that you use all the chances to spin before Feb. 8th. And the unbound items and bound items are open for sale in this stage, you can choose to purchase the items you want with the CPs you prestored. After purchasing an item, you can claim it in your mail box.
Since the CPs you deposit cannot be returned, please make sure you spend them all before the event ends.
Note: The Rune Packs in this sale don’t include the new Runes in Magic Melt version.
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