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Top One Player on 01/17-02/07

Date: 2019-01-16 01:01 Source: Official Views:

Jan. 17th-Feb. 7th

Level 80+

All servers except for NewChallenge_EU, NewWorld, BloomOfDeath_EU, Tenshi_EU, LasVegas, Nostalgia

Dealer Mei (Twin City 348,484)
Poker Master (Twin City 348,484)
Fishing Talent transport point (Twin City 343,489)

During the event, you can purchase Die, Plate and Wheel which can get Chi, CP (B), Player Coin, rune essence, stone and Star Stone from Dealer Mei (Twin City 348,484) with CPs. You can also earn more participate in many events

The player coin which heroes win from Player Coin Die, Player Coin Plate and Wheel of Player Coin can be used to participate in below event.

Flip Card
Heroes can talk with Poker Master (Twin City 348,484) to participate in the event.

Heroes can flip different kinds of card by consuming player coin.

Heroes can exchange relevant reward with the relevant card.

Poker Master (Legend) Fragment
King of Spades
Chi Pack (500 Point)
Queen of Spades*2
300 Chi Fortune Bag
Jack of Spades*3
Poker Master Fragment
King of Hearts
300 Chi Fortune Bag
Queen of Hearts*2
Chi Pack (150 Points)
Jack of Hearts*3
400 Points Chi Pack
King of Diamonds
Chi Pack (200 Points)
Queen of Diamonds*2
100 Chi Fortune Bag
Jack of Diamonds*3
Chi Pack (200 Points)
King of Clubs
100 Chi Fortune Bag
Queen of Clubs*2
Chi Pack (50 Points)
Jack of Clubs*3

Fishing Talent
Heroes also can come to Fishing Talent transport point (Twin City 343,489) to participate in Fishing Talent.

In fishing talent, heroes can talk with Neptune chaser to fire the gun to catch fish for treasure with player coin.

Heroes also can talk with Gao Jin (Twin City 339,489) to exchange reward with player coins or claim free game items.

Red Packet Snatching
Heroes can come to Red Pocket Snatching transport point (Twin City 343,489) to participate in Red Pocket Snatching.

There are two levels of red packets: 1000000 Silver and 10000000 Silver. Each participant needs to pay a guarantee deposit of 1000000 Silver for 1000000 Silver Red Packet or 10000000 Silver for 10000000 Silver Red Packet.

Red Pocket Snatching requires 5 participants for 1000000 silver snatching and 10 participants for 10000000 silver snatching.

There are still CP One-armed Bandit and Silver-armed Bandit in the map.

Multiplier Wheel

Heroes can choose different wheel to bet different items. And then heroes can talk with Shi Yijian draw roulette.

Rolling Dice
Heroes can talk with Chen Jincheng to participate in the event by using your player coins and roll dice to win wonderful rewards.

Poker Tournaments
Entry Fee: 1,000,000 silver or 100,000 Ticket.

Heroes can re-buy 6 times during the tournaments (800,000 silver for 100,000 Chips) and add-on 2 times (1,500,000 silver for 150,000 Chips).

33% Bonus
20% Bonus
13% Bonus
9% Bonus
8% Bonus
5% Bonus
4% Bonus
3.5% Bonus
2.5% Bonus
2% Bonus


  • Mid-Autumn Card
  • Epic Weapon Carnival
  • Share Graceful Moonlight & Surprises This Mid-Autumn
  • Lucky Draw
  • Conqueror Server
  • Credit Rebate Journey
  • Rainbow Fashion Deals
  • Archer War Suit Upgrade Benefits
  • Top Archer Contest
  • Collect Device Locks for Luxurious Rewards
  • Autumn Hunting Season
  • September Grand Sale
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Soaring Archers
  • World Challenge Summer Season
  • Reset First-Credit Gift
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma
  • New Server Prologue
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • Super Conquer Mall
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