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Golden Finger Event will Start on January 15th

Date: 2019-01-13 18:53 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes!

The Golden Finger event is coming again, it will be from January 15th to January 23rd. Please check out the details below. 

January 15th to January 23rd

Mr. Gold at Twin City (355,459)

Mr. Gold is selling magical stones at the price of 1 Sliver each.

Miracle Stones:
There are four kinds of Miracle Stones which contain power magic: Elite Rare Stones, Rare Miracle Stones, Super Miracle Stones and Perfect Miracle Stones. You can pay corresponding amount of Silver to activate the Miracle Stone and receive tons of Silver in return. 

Inspiration Gems:
Heroes can obtain the Inspiration Gems from Rare Miracle Stones, Super Miracle Stones and Perfect Miracle Stones.

Activate Miracle Stones: 
You can activate the Miracle Stones with Sliver or Inspiration Gems.


Item Needed to Activate
Reward (Get 1 of the Items Randomly)

Miracle Stone
1KK Silver or Elite Inspiration Gem 10KK Silver / 8KK Silver / 5KK Silver / 2.5KK Silver / 2KK Silver / 1.5KK Silver / 0.5KK Silver / 0.2KK Silver
Miracle Stone
5KK Silver or Rare Inspiration Gem 250KK Silver / 50Kk Silver / 25KK Silver / 12.5KK Silver / 10KK Silver / 7.5KK Silver / 2.5KK Silver / Elite Inspiration Gem
Super Miracle Stone 10KK Silver or Super Inspiration Gem 500KK Silver / 100KK Silver / 50KK Silver / 25KK Silver / 20KK Silver / 15KK Silver / Rare Inspiration Gem / Elite Inspiration Gem*2
Miracle Stone
20KK Silver 1000KK Silver / 200KK Silver / 100KK Silver / 50KK Silver / 40KK Silver / 30KK Silver / Super Inspiration Gem / Rare Inspiration Gem



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