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Magic Melt Q&A

Date: 2018-12-18 00:25 Source: Official Views:

Magic Melt Introduction

Preview of Magic Melt

New Blue Rune:

Part 1  Fire Taoist, Water Taoist, Monk/Saint, Assassin, Ninja and Dragon Warrior

Part 2  Warrior, Trojan, Windwalker and Pirate

New Yellow Rune: Part 1 & Part 2


1Q: I am a bit confused. What function will be changed in this update?blush
A: Magic Melt - Recycle normal items to be treasures.
Taoist Boost - New Gem to be embedded into Taoist’s secondary weapon, power increase(no influence Battle Power or Prestige Score)!
New Runes - Plan new strategy for your team and yourself.

2Q: How to obtain new rare Yellow Runes and Blue Runes?
A: Fiery Crystal and Rune Crystal are the key items.
You will have chances to get new Rare Runes, fragments and other treasures by melting Fiery Crystal or Rune Crystal.

Fiery Crystal

Rune Crystal

3Q: Well, I want to use new Runes fast. How do I get Fiery Crystal and Rune Crystal?
A: You might get Fiery Crystal from system reward. And decomposing rune will bring you Rune Crystal.

4Q: Any other benefits for me to collect Runes?
A: Of coursewink. Check all Runes information at Rune interface.
A new Rune ranking system will rate Runes you have, and give extra attributes when your collection reaches a certain score!

5Q: It’s glad to see Taoist’ secondary weapon can embed a Gem. I will prepare for my Taoist. But I observe the Gem and socket item are different than before?
A: Only Infinity Gem can be embed Taoist’s secondary weapon. By melting Refined or Super Gem in the Melter, you can collect Infinity Gem.
Fantasy Crystal is required to socket Taoist's secondary weapon. You may collect such crystal by melting Dragon Ball, Refined or Super Gems in the Melter.

Normal/Refined/Super Infinity Gem

Normal/Refined/Unique/Elite/Super Fantasy Crystal

6Q: So magic! What’s the effect of Infinity Gem?
A: wink

7Q: What item may I put in Melter?
A:Dragon Ball (Bound and Unbound), Sash (Unbound), Refined or Super Gems (Unbound), Rune Crystal (Bound and Unbound), Super Protection Pill (Unbound), Favored Training Pill (Bound), Special Training Pill (Bound), Senior Training Pill (Bound), Knowledge Pill (Bound), Free Training Pill (Bound).

If you have any question & doubt, please leave message to Conquer Online Or submit ticket at here. We will continue to gather and organize Frequently asked questions here. heart

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