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Preview of Magic Melt

Date: 2018-12-14 00:01 Source: Official Views:

We have revealed the upcoming rare Runes, and more new content will be unveiled next Tuesday. Now let's take a look at the next and final expansion for 2018, the Magic Melt.

New Runes – Collection & Ranking
Rune Collection Boxes
Heroes can open their Rune Bag to check what Runes they’ve collected in corresponding color-marked boxes and the bonus attributes provided. If you collect two Runes of the same type, you can decompose the inferior one to retrieve 80% of the Rune Essences you`ve consumed for it.
Rune Ranking and Bonus Attributes
A new ranking system is added that heroes are ranked according to their Runes collected. The system will rate these Runes and give extra attributes when your collection of Runes reaches a certain score.
Melting fire sparks new power growth
What is Melting?
Melting is a magic function that gives heroes a chance to melt special materials including Dragon Ball, Refined and Super Gem, Rune Crystal, and Jiang Hu item into precious things, such as rare Rune, tons of Chi Points, Star Stone, and Permanent Stone.
How to Melt?
Heroes can bring out the Melting window through the Forging interface or the Treasures icon. When you put in a material, all possible melting results will be displayed below. Then, you can choose to melt one time or 10 times in a row to consume the material for a random treasure.
Taoist Boost
Secondary Weapon Socket
Where to perform: Forging interface -> Socket -> Talisman
What you need to embed: Only Infinity Gem can be used to embed Taoist’s secondary weapon. You may collect such gem by melting Refined or Super Gems in the Melter.
What you need to make socket: Fantasy Crystal is required to socket Taoist’s secondary weapon. You may collect such crystal by melting Dragon Ball, Refined or Super Gems in the Melter.
Please note that neither the socket nor embedded Gem will influence the character’s Battle Power or Prestige Score, but only the Gem effect will apply.
New Gem to be Embedded into Taoist’s Secondary Weapon.
Infinity Gem: Enhances your final physical and magic damage dealt.
How to Collect: Have a chance to obtain by melting Gems.
Better Enchantment
Compared to the old enchantment system, the new system will ensure the enchanted effect which means higher quality Gem will definitely give better effect.
Chi Study Help
Chi attributes and combinations are officially recommended for Chi Study beginners.
For more information, please visit the official site and Facebook of Conquer Online!
New Blue and Yellow Runes :
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