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New Blue Rune Skills Reveal - Part 2

Date: 2018-12-09 11:40 Source: Official Views:
To meet heroes' request for new skills, we will release various new class skills. In the first reveal, we will show you Blue Rune Skill effects of Warrior, Trojan, Windwalker, Pirate. The following are the skill effects of highest level Rune.
Note: There may still be changes before New Blue Rune Skills are released, please refer to the final version.
Passive: Increases counterattack chance to 20% and damage cap by 25000.
Passive: 10% chance to capture others` Max HP in fight. When the HP captured hits 35000, your Max HP raises accordingly (max +250000) for 30 sec, with HP&XP fully recovered.
Skill:Double Thunder
Senior Rune for Windwalker to acquire passive skill [Double Thunder] which creates a small thundercloud after [Thundercloud] is enabled to deal 155% damage for 25 sec.
Skill:Crack Star
Senior Rune for Stomper to acquire active skill [Crack Star] which creates 3 Stars to deal 120% P-damage on enemies nearby, and 55% area damage of current HP 5 sec later. Lasts for 35 sec.
Passive:Enter into `Neptune` status after death to be immune to all damage, remove [Eagle Eye]`s CD and reduce the hit target`s HP to as low as 1 point. Lasts for 30 sec.
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