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Thanksgiving Events on 11/27-12/02

Date: 2018-11-25 23:18 Source: Official Views:

Bustle Turkey Park | The Cranberries Contest
Happy Thanksgiving | Original VS Golden | Fruit Shooting Game
Secret Golden Chests | The Lucky Turkeys

Nov. 27th – Dec. 2nd

Character level 80+ or reborn


Festival Joy Pack

Festival Joy Pack

Open it to get some EXP and a gift as rewards.

Once a day

Officer Happy (Twin City 312,444), introduces the events and awards the prizes.

Quest Item:
Magic Cranberries


1. You will receive Magic Cranberries at login. Go share your cranberries with the Original Turkey Kun, the Turkey Club President, the Royal Chef, the Cherry Girl, the Dark Merchant and Farmer Tu.

Original Turkey Kun

2. After you share with all of them, come back to Officer Happy (Twin City 312,444) for a Festival Joy Pack.

3. Learn about all the events from Officer Happy (Twin City 312,444): Original VS Golden, The Lucky Turkeys, Bustle Turkey Park, The Cranberries Contest, Secret Golden Chests, Fruit Shooting Game.

4. The heroes who`ve completed all the events for Thanksgiving will be able to claim a Festival Joy Pack from Officer Happy (Twin City 312,444).

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