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Grand Winner will have Silver and CP connected to other Servers soon!

Date: 2018-09-30 00:22 Source: Official Views:

We have been listening to your suggestions! Since the release of our new server, Grand Winner, we have received feedbacks from our beloved players. We would love to announce that, to make your wish come true, the Silver and CP will be connected between GrandWinner and other servers soon! Stay tuned!
At the same time, the current Grand Winner is still under its beta test phase, which means more upgrades and optimizations will come soon. You can still login the game for daily free Silver and DC. As long as you log in the game and stay for a while, you can get Silver and DC for free! Don’t miss it!
Join Grand Winner here now. 
  • Dragonland Adventure
  • Cross-Server Elite PK Tournament
  • Credit Rebate
  • Anniversary Super Hero
  • Always With CO Always With You
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Soaring Archers
  • Reset First-Credit Gift
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • Super Conquer Mall
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