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Infinite Conquest has been ended!

Date: 2018-08-17 05:01 Source: Official Views:

Infinite Conquest has been ended! The final owner of 15 strongholds has appeared. The reward of final owner has been handed out to members of the relevant group.

Stronghold Final Onwer Group Leader
Dragon Island Heros ZOIDcK
Twin City Fluffy_PanCakes Sazabi
Deityland Asgard Sukinoi
Fiery Dragon region 1337 Dlch
Dessert City Heros ZOIDcK
Moon Platform Asgard Sukinoi
Tower of Mystery Keizu Fedex
Battlefield Heroes Asgard Sukinoi
Copper Mine 1337 Dlch
Frozen Grotto Keizu Fedex
Dis City Mythology June#24
Honoring the Ancestors simba La.Calin
Magnolias All Around doDGerMaX  doDGer
Start Location elsf7tgya !~Hell~boy~!
Treasury Mythology June#24

The shape of Leader of the Group which has most time to become owner of a specific stronghold will be recorded. We will put 15 shining statue in the shape of these group leaders in different place of game. Every hero can click these statues to claim some Chi Point every time, up to 10 times.


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