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CO Domino Club Moderators Recruitment

Date: 2018-08-17 00:35 Source: Official Views:

1. Basic Responsibility of CO Domino Club Moderators (Only need 2, skilled in both English and Arabic)

1.1. Verify joining requests and posts at least once a day. Reply players’posts as many as possible. 

1.2. Post more than 10 times a month. Search Domino-related or poker-related contents to post to interact with players.

1.3. Verification Standard:

Selling account or publishing private server, other games’ information or bots are not allowed.

1.4. Guide players to ask questions in the Help Center (Reply template will be provided). Help GM collect and report bugs and bot problems.

1.5. Maintain the positive image of the game and assist GM finish event-related work, for instance, guild players to participate in the Super Winner sharing event and other official events.


2. Reward Setting (Reward will be given on the 5th day of each month)

2.1. Basic Reward: 450KK Silver will be rewarded each month if the Club Moderator finished the job mention above without punishment.

2.2. In-game Privilege: The Club Moderator’s issues will be dealt with preferentially (Each Club Leader can have 2 characters). There will be a probation period of one month. Privilege will be granted after probation period. 


3. Punishment

If the Club Moderator violates the rules (For instance, no operation for more than 3 days, approve illegal information twice, damage the positive image of the game, etc.), he/she will be dismissed immediately and only receive the basic salary of 15KK per day.

If you want to have a try, please contact us via official Facebook @CO Poker Club inbox.
You should send the message with a short self-introduction and explain why we should choose you (100-200 words, in English). Our GM will reply you soon!
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